Anyone have experience leasing a 2019 SantaFe Ultimate 2.0T?

Trying to negotiate a lease but am getting numbers in the 500’s which seems crazy.

The things just usually don’t lease well (like most Hyundai and Kia) due to usually poor discounts, high interest and wishy washy incentives.

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My current highlander got a sweet lease on, would have thought Hyundai similar.

Honestly how is this different than the last attempt :rofl: Post your dealer worksheets or numbers!! We can’t decipher anything from blind monthly payment amounts.

Hyundai doesn’t like leases as a general rule.

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To give you some insight, as someone who qualifies for Hyundai’s Z-plan, even when I apply the incentive (around 19% for SEL model and gets worse on up), I was still getting numbers in the low 400’s after tax.

That was back in February, so it might be different.


Chris, already got helpful feedback from Electric, above. So you can save your emojis.

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