Anyone getting Ioniq5?

My dealer in Northern NJ is getting 11. They’ve already told me about a markup. I can’t see myself paying a markup. Anyone else have any info from other states?

Is it just me or is the ioniq getting similar vibes to the bolt back in 2017? Big press vibes about how AMAZING it is, the Tesla killer, even winning “motor trend car of the year” for another generic commuter mobile, big waiting list, over msrp sales, and now 4 years later all recalled, couldn’t give them away and never gets mentioned at all in reviews.


Its on my watch list of potential future vehicles, but I have no need to jump into one at over msrp.


If it ends up being $75/mo lease like the bolts once were, ill be in for 2


I’m in the same boat. IF the federal rebate is passed through and I can get 2k from CA, then a lease on a $50k EV starts looking interesting particularly during a 24 month term if the MF is low enough or the RV is high enough. If it’s over $400/month with everything rolled in, it’s not worth it. The more research I do the more I feel like all of these circa $50k EVs are overly value engineered in terms of build quality with hard plastics. What I really want is a mid-trim 5 series/A6/E-class with an electric drivetrain and 400 miles of range for $600-700/month.

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A boy can dream can’t he? Until then I’m just riding a wave of speculation.

First someone would have to even build a vehicle that met those specs

There’s the A6 e-tron and the Mercedes EQE (link is on the German page), so it’s entirely possible if the federal rebate holds, that either of these could meet my criteria.

Ya, two vehicles that don’t exist in a production ready form yet. Let’s wait and see what the range actually is when they do exist.

Forget Tesla or Ioniq5. I’m waiting and praying this becomes hackable in 2022…


Personally I’m not looking to get any car, at least not above MSRP unless i really need one out of the blue.

I do have to make a decision on my taco lease by May (either will buyout or extend if allowed) so after then we will see.

I dig the looks and styling on the Ioniq5. In “normal” times, with rebates, and discounts, this would probably be a good value bet. Now, assuming one could be secured, I would imagine you’d be paying no less than $500-$600 a month in this crap market?

So thousands of dollars less than its main competition?

Sure if that is what you say. I am not debating its cost against the competition. I am not even sure what the competition would be? Just a guess at what a lease would cost in the current market.

Model Y would be the main competitor

I would be all over that. :heart_eyes:

that’s hot

With a 50% (+3 for 10K miles) RV at .00125 MF? Doubtful.

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I’ve added a handy dandy calc on the e40 for those curious, this totally depends on the $7,500 passing through for EV tax credit on a lease and assumes no other incentives.