Anyone ever hear of a “thrust month”?

So I was at a Toyota dealership in Florida today looking at the Tacoma. They gave me crazy high numbers (which is besides the point) and then said that I should wait until next month because it’s a thrust month where all the dealerships try to push out as many units and the incentives are always better, not just at Toyota but at all dealers.

Not that I am the most knowledgeable person but that seems like an odd claim to make.

Anyone ever hear of something like that?

I have never heard of a dealer telling someone to wait til the following month. The best time to buy is always “today” :slight_smile:

Were they trying to get you to leave?


It is weird that they would say such a thing to you, but as the dealerships start to fill with 2019 inventory, they’ll be pushing 18s more aggressively generally.

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Ursy doesn’t like people who make fun of “thrust month”. looks like he never had a good thrust month.


we all thrust differently

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Maybe he likes the thrusting, but doesn’t like getting the thrust.

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