Anyone else throwing in the towel and buying a Tesla?

I agree it might be difficult on model 3’s since so many of them are on the road now, but new releases like model Y and the cybertruck will probably hold well in the first 2-3 years.

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Some people like the negotiations of finding a deal. They like talking to dealers, etc. It becomes less pleasant as you realize you have less power in the negotiations, you’re getting less responses, etc. With Tesla, you go on a site, there are no negotiations and you’re done. I am guessing OP suffers from that right now and he thinks because there are no negotiations he’s getting neither a deal nor fleeced.

Also, I don’t follow Tesla enough to know but is the cheapest model the same build or did they change anything in it (i.e. better battery, etc.).

Isn’t it only true because it’s a closed off system with Tesla controlling all lease returns resale? They are basically creating a fake value for these cars, and wouldn’t be surprised if they are using the ones that they can’t sell here to ship them somewhere else or just dismantle to reuse the batteries in powerwalls or something.

The original speculation was that they were doing this to basically get their model 3 driverless taxi fleet pre-paid for. Cars go out on lease while they do the development, then they all come back at the end of the lease and voila, instant fleet of Tesla owned vehicles. This jives with why this clause only pertains to the 3 and Y and not the S and X.

Of course, now that that isn’t going so well, we may see a change at some point. They’ve been opening this up in other countries.

That was never going to happen and was a pure stock pump with reality being that if they don’t set RV people can continue to speculate that these cars will resell higher than new. Like everything else Tesla pure smoke and mirrors BS.

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It’ll happen in 2 more weeks


They are adding the 10k self driving add-on to basicallt every used car they sell

Back in the day when I used to play WoW, there was a joke that Blizzard should trade mark the word “soon” because their responses to we’ll fix anything was “soon”. Maybe Tesla should register “2 more weeks”.

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Isn’t FSD a subscription service as of a few days ago.

Tesla dropped the price of the base Model 3 in 2020/2021, and then jacked it up again in 2021.

The car is the same price as it was in the spring of 2020.

So while the price has yo-yoed, it hasn’t changed.

Obviously, buying in February of this year would have saved me $3,000.00…but that happens with many vehicles when there are temporary manufacturer rebates and incentives.


The MSRP has moved all over the place. It’s exactly the same as other brands changing incentives/discounts, it just “feels” different. That’s the point.

The issue is that people assume that MSRP is a static value, so they look at it and say “well, I could buy it for MSRP then and I can buy it for MSRP now, so it’s the same price.”

That’s it! I was thinking Tesla is basically an Apple Car, hence the Apple fanbois in the room. Now you present Tesla’s killer ad campaign: ‘Feel Different’.

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It’s not an Apple car - No Apple car play -

Look at EV tech adoption across the board plus gas savings if you charge at home + strong resale value for now

There’s a reason Apple products are preferred. Alluding it to fanboy is misleading and NOT based in reality.

It’s a simple response from unsophisticated people. In this market Tesla makes sense

We have a broker selling a GV70 for $1k/mo

I wouldn’t buy a Tesla but for many it may make sense


Ordered Model Y Performance 3/30/21, took delivery 6/1/21. Never owning another ICE car again.


The only place where Apple is preferred is US and Canada. The rest of the world is predominantly Android.

Are you people legally required to sign your posts like that after taking delivery? Does Tesla interior off-gas something that brainwashes you? Inquiring minds want to know.

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To each their own.

I will continue driving my ICE car for now :slight_smile:

Does someone liking and announcing a preference for an EV driving experience over ICE offend you that badly?


NJC comes here every time he’s bored, hoping someone will take the bait.


Not really, I just find it funny that everyone is using the same sentence for these cars when they are not even that impressive to drive.

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As opposed to everyone else who comes here for a full time job?

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