Anyone else throwing in the towel and buying a Tesla?

Or a new 5-figure tax credit drops

Is that still on the table? I thought all the money is going towards infrastructure. And even if they pass a new credit, would it take effect right away with the existing credit or Jan 1, 2022 as a new law?

The only thing I’ve seen new since this

Is this statement (all of the EV points I can’t disagree with)

I don’t think this will be in the Infrastructure bill (recon), I think the EV tax credit changes will be in the appropriations bill, but :man_shrugging:t2:

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This is one of the best if not the best indicator of success for a company . “ Customers’ willingness to pay full price for your products and services.” Takes a lot to come together starting with offering great products which what Apple stuff are and arguably Tesla too.

Just a bit off topic… I live in a split home. I use Apple products almost exclusively; partner uses Windows and Android. His laptops, at least, break down so rapidly compared to my Macbooks that he is not saving any $ long-term, IMHO (to the point where he’s considering jumping ship w/ his next laptop purchase b/c he sees often I don’t need to replace my stuff).

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I jumped ship to Apple as well. The way the iPhone and computer communicate is something

Model 3 is surprisingly roomy and seems like a great car - I disliked the sound system though - very tiny

Test Dove the Y and it does NOT do well on NY roads + weird creaks coming from the car (glass or frame)

Also where is a simple Blind Spot indicator - I don’t need a fancy screen showing me where cars are - Tesla needs to add BSM to the cars

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Once, I was a Windows person, and I also thought it made sense to only eat off paper plates. Thankfully, neither is true anymore.

My Apple hardware has a RV of roughly 50% when the AppleCare expires, and Apple offers 0% financing. The iPhone financing program is the ultimate “should I lease or buy?” no-cost hedge: at 12 months you can hand it in and get a new one, after 24 interest-free payments you own it. And now you can pay for the warranty monthly, forever.

TL;DR the equity from my iPhone 3G rolled-forward and paid for this iPhone 12 mini


At least for the Model Y Long Range, the current price is still less than it was at launch. As far as features being removed, they removed passenger lumbar, but added a heated steering wheel. I’d make that trade-off any day.

According to Elon, they removed that pax lumbar because the data showed it was rarely used. I don’t know if I believe that, or if they really have a way to track that kind of usage.

NY roads? Are you talking like bumpy, rutted roads? Did you drive a Long Range or Performance? We test drove a LR on MN roads, which I assume are similar to NY roads. I didn’t really notice any creaks or rattles. But that could just be that they fixed all the rattles in that particular car.

I’ve heard of one other person say something similar about the sound system that it sounded like there was no bass. Turned out it was a temporary thing, and after they rebooted the system the bass came back.

You gotta figure msrp goes up if that happens, or SR+ models are unavailable. Tesla will focus production on high margin models as long as they are capacity constrained.

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I drove a M3 and MY performance, a MS Performance Raven, and a MX LR. I like how the MS drives, obviously there is better out there, but I will admit the MS is good. I don’t like how the Model Y drives or it’s sitting position, either just doesn’t feel right to me.

Second, quality is something to be desired, the MS felt fine to me (which it should at it’s price point), the MY however utterly failed the generic quality tests, fit and finish, etc. If I can fit my finger underneath a speaker and pry it off, that’s a F from me.

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Or even better, you wait til Black Friday and score some killer deals like $300 off a new iPhone. :smiley:

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Ive had the exact opposite experience, MacBooks turn to sh*t much quicker than my windows based computers.

Though, I will agree that after years of trying to make android work, I’ve never managed to be satisfied and now only use iPhones.

I’ve had the same windows based gaming computer I’ve built since 2013 and no break downs… though it is time for an upgrade as games make my computer sad now.

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I don’t need a 3080ti, but I sure as hell want one.


Familiar situation. My computer is also in working order, but it already required modernization, strengthening. I had to sell old components and assemble a new system unit.

Paying full MSRP on a great car that gets 90% RV is better than getting a great deal off MSRP on an undesirable car with a low RV.

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Do not lease this vehicle - you cannot buy it out or trade it in for your equity. Model 3’s have held their resale value quite a bit and on that note alone, it’s worth financing it and then selling it once your mental lease period is over.

I would not bet on getting anywhere near this if you were buying it now.

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Let’s not pretend all swings are equal.

Price is up 8-10% on the cheap model 3 in the last 4-5 months.

Sounds about inline with a large amount of vehicles that are normally available for roughly 10% off msrp that are now going for msrp.

Swing might be not quite as much, but we aren’t talking drastic differences here. The only appreciable difference is that people are looking at the Teslas and saying “look, you still only have to pay MSRP” and totally ignore that MSRP is a moving target.

If someone wants a Tesla, that’s cool. Go for it. But to justify it as “well everything else isn’t available at a discount and this is still only MSRP” is putting on a giant pair of blinders.