Any reasonable SUV leases to be had?

My wife doesn’t really like her 2019 Atlas so I collected offers from KBB, Carmax, Vroom, and Carvana. Much to our surprise one of the offers is $6K over the buyout.

Now, what can I replace it with? She is open to a Jeep GC, MB GLC, Acadia, or Volvo XC90 but I may be able to steer her to something else if the features and price make sense. Her must haves are heated seats, heated steering wheel, and enough power that it doesn’t feel sluggish (like the Atlas).

Ideally I’d like to keep the payment around $600 on a 24 or 36 month lease with 12K miles and $0 out of pocket. Any ideas?

Jeep Wrangler, lol

$6k over your buyout or $6k over the 3rd party dealer buyout?


lol indeed

$6K over dealer buyout. Lease is through VW. Although I sold my Tacoma lease through US Bank 10 months early to Carmax and the buyout was nearly the same for my cost and Carmax. That one was $3K over buyout.

How much over your personal buy out is it?

A couple hundred dollars

That is very, very surprising. Are you sure that is the VW 3rd party dealer buy out and not the VW dealer buy out you’re looking at?

VW charges a different price to their dealers and 3rd party dealers. It makes sense that the VW dealer buy out would be near your personal buy out. I would expect the 3rd party buy out to be thousands more.

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On the Mercedes or Volvo, that is probably not attainable in the current market.

Has she driven everything you listed? It would be a mistake to focus on what leases best over what she/you won’t hate driving (again) in 1-12 months…


I asked the VW Financial rep about any lease dispo or dealer fess, etc. and was told there wouldn’t be because the vehicle was being purchased. I didn’t think there would be an up charge if a dealer was purchasing. That’s pretty slimy.

Like that girl who drove 5 cars in 4 years?

Might want to trade down to a like a Rogue considering all the cars listed (Except for the Acadia, yuck!) are going for MSRP +++ right now.

Yep, great point. She’s driven them all but the Volvo.

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I get Jeep Affiliate Rewards so I am leaning JGC but the rates and residuals stink right now.

Do you have written offers from those places or did you take the estimates from their website and subtract your payoff value on

Don’t think of it as an upcharge… they’re charging market rate. You just have the opportunity to purchase their vehicle at a discounted rate because of your contractual agreement with them.

Most banks these days don’t seem to be allowing 3rd party dealers to purchase at all, so you at least still have the option.

It’s their car, not yours, you’re renting it from them. Their goal is to get it back and take the profit, so if they make it unfavorable to the 3rd party buyers they will. The only person they have a contract to sell it for residual plus remaining is you.

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Fair point.
My experience with US Bank being so positive, I may have naively thought that would be the case with VW too. Just spoke with another VW rep and he said due to the current used car environment, they are seeing significant differences in quotes.
I’ll have to see if I can get a dealer to request the buy out so I know exactly where we stand.

USBank does the same thing if you try to sell to a non-USBank affiliated dealer.

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Is Carmax an affiliated dealer with US Bank? There was very little difference in price when I sold them my Tacoma last week.