Any news on ChargeUp NJ?

Why can’t I find any information on this year’s CUNJ program? Limits, qualifying vehicles, etc. Doesn’t it start next week? Anyone know anything? Thanks.

Straw proposal includes changes.

I believe 2k w no income limit and 4k w income limit. Otherwise similar.

No word on date yet but historically mid to end of July.


I reached out to the email provided on their website. This was the response I received today:

“The program is anticipated to continue in the coming months. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities will determine the exact launch date. We recommend that you check our website periodically for updates.”

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I wouldn’t get too excited about any of this. There are rumblings of the EV sales tax exemption coming to an end in New Jersey. If this is true, my money would be on the revamped Charge Up program rolling out concurrently with the sales tax increase in order to mitigate the immediate effect it will have on EV sales.

Major Changes Affecting the Sale & Lease of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) in New Jersey - New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers (

Tax waiver is already ending Oct 1st when it goes to 3.3% and next year to the full amount. Still not as bad as other states but not the free ride we had before.

Which means that there is an ideal window between when they reopen (end of July?) and October 1st to maximize the incentives. We might get Ariyas for less than $100/month. Crossing my fingers that Tesla also lowers their prices on the Y to move inventory.

Charge Up is back, effective today, at least in part. The $2,000 rebate is available for 36 month+ leases and purchases. The additional $2,000 won’t be available until the Fall.


To claim the Charge Up+ incentive, which raises the Charge Up incentive from $2,000 to $4,000, applicants must prequalify prior to the vehicle’s sale or lease. Applicants will be required to submit their most recent tax documentation verifying that their modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) meets the following requirements:

  • Maximum MAGI of $75,000 for single tax filers.
  • Maximum MAGI of $112,500 for head of household tax filers.
  • Maximum MAGI of $150,000 for joint tax filers.
  • MSRP $55k under

Max MSRP is $55,000 Check out page 16
FY25 Charge Up New Jersey Terms and Conditions (

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Is this the income requirement to lease? Also, the email said the incentive is for eligible dealerships, which seem to all be in New Jersey. Is this a new requirement? I’ve seen people say they have leased cars from other states and registered them in New Jersey to utilize the incentives.

That was only Year 1. Since then it’s been instant rebate at an NJ dealer if they’re signed up for NJCU.


I don’t believe that worked in year one either. I’m guessing that maybe those people were referring to the 0% sales tax incentive?

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In year one you could buy/lease from anywhere and receive a NJCU rebate in the mail later IIRC.

I suppose it’s possible that some people got paid out that way but the law clearly stated NJ resident, NJ dealer. You had to submit your contract, etc so they could definitely reject it if it was out of state. Whether they did or not is another story.

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Yeah I think you’re right.

Then how were people using it to buy teslas?

Tesla has had multiple physical locations for pickup and service in NJ for a while. I guess that they satisfied the requirement that way. If you search for Tesla on the website there are locations listed as “eligible dealerships” even though they are not considered dealerships under the traditional model of selling cars.

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Thank you! What’s the current best vehicle to use this on?

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I would like to know too. The 36 month lease requirement is a bit of a damper because a few vehicles have incentives on 18 and 24 month leases. If the 36 month option is chosen the monthly payment goes up on some cars.