Any news on ChargeUp NJ?

Exactly! But no NJ taxes, lots of incentives plus this 2000$ could make for an insane deal. Just don’t know the best leasing EV’s at 36 months.

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Dealers can give you 36mth option, just different RV/MF values, but with the NJ chargeup it will end up being better than these 18/24mth terms.

What’s your definition of “best”?

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That’s true! Cheapest payment with most incentives in my book is best :joy:

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The Ariya 24 (10k+) and the and blazer Ev (4500+) are giving hefty incentives for 18/24 months.

I suspect the cheapest non-Tesla lease today will remain the cheapest under CU. Maybe a small improvement. But it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the rebate was mostly swallowed by smaller discounts.

Half of it is already swallowed by higher DMV fees. On something like the Blazer EV for example, it nets out about the same on a monthly basis if you did a 24 month One Pay without Charge Up vs a 36 month One Pay with Charge Up, assuming that all other variables stayed the same.


I wish the M3 LR AWD qualified for both NJ Charge Up and the 7500 fed ev rebate, but that doesn’t seem the case.

I’d love to take advantage of NJ Charge Up as it seems we would qualify for the full 4k. However, we’re very weary of becoming an ev only family. We also have the Ariya Engage FWD.

The major sticking points to becoming ev only family is lack of range (I’d really like close to 300 miles) and plug availability. If all ev’s had access to Tesla Stations, this concern would be greatly reduced.

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The best strategy seems to be to not wait until the extra 2k kicks in this fall, no? With 3.3% sales tax starting in October, that’s more than 2k.

This particular use case would be solved by a RWD model 3.

Spend some of the savings on a set of all weather tires depending on your local roads.

Idk…north west NJ, traveling on rt 80 daily (shit show) seems sketchy in a red during the winter months.

Oddly enough, the LR RWD model doesn’t show up when you select the lease option.

Did that for 3 winters. Just need the right tires.

The stock All seasons on AWD Teslas are shit in comparison.

Based on some pricing from LH brokers, Polestar 2 has the same monthly for 24 months without and 36 months with CU.


Fair enough

55k max 3.3% tax = $1815

so even if waiting you come up at least $185 ahead at max 55k msrp

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It’s less than that. In NJ, Taxes are levied on the total lease payment, not the price of the car.