Any lease or finance deals on a truck?

Hello everyone. I was curious if any crew cab trucks have any good deals going on for lease or finance that anyone is aware of. GMC Sierra, F150, etc. I have a family of 5 (wife drives a minivan for most kid stuff) so need the extra space. Mainly just drive to work on it, but would use it for the occasional Lowe’s trip or furniture purchase. 10-12k miles would be sufficient. Located in Paducah, Kentucky zip 42001. Would like to keep the payment around $500 or so. Anyone aware of awesome June offers? Thank you for your help.

Lots of purchase deals with massive rebates on Chevy. Leases aren’t as strong IIRC. Look at their website to see rebate amounts. Nobody is going to find a deal for you

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Colorado and Tacoma have attractive deals…

Rams have aggressive deals right now. Contact me at

@Atrapal You need to register as a dealer before advertising your dealership.


Oh how do I do that?

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Tacoma has decent deals, but I’ve not found that to be the case on the Colorado.

Thanks everyone. I didn’t see any Colorado deals, but it looks like 18% off msrp on a Silverado (select model). If the manufacturer is giving that 18% off what would be a reasonable amount I could negotiate down a dealer from there before incentives?

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F150 XLT will lease well if you can find one with 2500 package savings on sticker and get a 3000 Ford Private Cash Offer. There is a thread here (search F150) which links to the thread where someone on the f150 forums is sending out a link to register for the 3000. Lots of pricing in the f150 forum thread, but they are mainly purchasing.

This is the best I’ve received on the Colorado:
Colorado Z71:
msrp: 40475
sale price: 35900
rebates: 2250
Money factor: .00211
Residual: 64%
Monthly: $398 including tax

ZR2: $429 including tax

I leased a crew cab Colorado work truck for my company in April. 24/12. $185/mo all in

What is this F150 forum you speak of?

The one linked in this LH thread:

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This doesn’t look bad for a $42k double cab 4x4 GMC Sierra at $299 with zero due at signing:

Ya that doesn’t look too bad. F150s just seem not to lease great. Haven’t gotten a better offer than $513 month tax and all included with $750 DAS for 15k miles and 36 months. Msrp is 55,850.

Look into the f150 xl with stx package.

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I have been looking at the xlt with special edition appearance package. I like the looks of those.

Is that price with the 3k PCO?

I wouldn’t overlook a RAM 1500. The '19’s are hitting the floor so dealers are going to want to move '18’s. Big incentives on them as well. I had a '16 Laramie and it was the most comfortable truck I have ever driven, coil spring rear suspension made it ride so smooth.

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