Any Home Windows Hackrs?

what kind of “glass breakage” are we talking about here? i’d get into the details on that one. a lot of these companies warranties really don’t mean a damn thing after they get done trying to do their damnedest to not pay out.

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But, if you have a non-standard window size or shape, don’t you kind of have to get custom windows?

OP, if you’re on the West Coast (esp CA), you may want to look at Milgard.

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I once got a verbal estimate for replacing multiple windows in our house as follows:

“Six hundred dollars a hole.”


what company?

In some cases you can either shrink/expand the opening to a standard size. In my first house I had a custom bay window, facing the back yard, from a 1986 addition, that was as insulated as wax paper. Instead of replacing it with a custom one, i shrunk it slightly so it could be replaced with standard sized side-by-sides (I think 2 but may have been 3, it’s been nearly 15 years), drywalled and sided around it to fit. The energy savings the first year paid for it. Matching the siding was truly the hardest part.

Edit: went back through my photos and my memory was slightly off: bay window became 1 non-bay window in a standard size, still had to fix drywall and siding as mentioned. I also cut a new kitchen window at the same time and replaced front door. Matching the siding was the hassle, but effectively what I said.

before (2006)

after (2010)

Don’t be afraid to investigate adjusting the fitting inside and outside when replacing a custom window, get a price both ways and do the math.


via anybody. Patio doors even longer, spec’d a quad slider on my reno and it was a minimum 56 week lead time.

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5 youtube vids, and do it yourself. (same goes for brain surgery).


jesus christ. were you trying to get a recreation sistine chapel in the back?

Im waiting on a complete T&C to review, but a cursory search on their website is confusing. If the owner breaks the glass they’ll cover it, acts of god, vandalism however is a no go…

I got a similar rough estimate years ago. I always wondered whether it was a one off thing.

same price, not as nice tho. Just wanted the 4 door slider that collapses into the wall, gotta take full advantage of summer in CNY.

To add something substantive to this conversation. There is a pretty dedicated community for windows at Discussion Board Forum for Vinyl Windows -Index page . If you are going vinyl Okna seems to be popular.

That’s what she said

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Not sure what your timeline is or where you are located, but ordering windows is like buying a car now. Prices are ridiculous, as are most of the lead times. If you are looking at replacement vinyl windows, almost 100% chance you will need to order them. I know a good dealer in NJ that covers NJ/NY/PA that can install also, might be a minimum to order though.
Stay away from Andersen Renewal, not terrible windows but their pitch and process will annoy anyone.

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i got all windows in my house replaced in 2018 with custom orders from Crystal windows.
i dont see how its flat rate for all, as each window cost is different based on size specially and then some add ons, like what kind of glass/gas combo you get and then if you go for any add-ons like grid designs/etched glass etc

here in the villas we have full glass back patio windows with dual sliding doors that are roughly 9x18. my one neighbor on the end of the block replaced his back patio windows about 10 years ago now for roughly $10k. the awful cunts who live next door to me replaced theirs about 2-3 years ago now for $45k. standard hurricane proof nothing fancy either. at this point i’m just waiting for a hurricane to level the house.

What is your location?

south florida

in Midwest we use mostly Vinyl without a problem. Dual Pane Low-E. Southwest Aluminum low-e double pane. I prefer vinyl.

they use vinyl and aluminum here. it just has to have hurricane rated glass in it and have some kind of extra weather resistance.

I am going with replacement Vinyl. I have one window that is metal framed, which I thought of refurbishing however finding a company, and inquiring about costs was comical.

My requirements are pretty simple.

Sloped Sill
Dual pane (i’d take triple if its not costly)
Fully welded frame, and reinforced sashes
TiO2 coated
Double hung
Non-metal spacers.