Any Home Windows Hackrs?

Any tips on replacing windows? What to look out for?

don’t but the cheapest window there is. Also if you order custom size windows they take stupid long if done via Anderson

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Thanks. Any basic requirements on replacement vinyl windows?

What company you want windows from?

Thats the thing I know of the giants (at least marketing wise) of Anderson, Pella, Jeld-Wen. The name carries a price premium.

The next tier over are the regional players like Crystal and Window World.

The next tier below that I assume are national franchise resellers (Windowrama).

I would assume one has to price each tier and see where the chips fall?

Are you replacing the windows to be the same size as the existing windows?

Would definitely go energy saver if replacing.


No. Different style as well.

Find a company you want to work with. If you want andersen then use the pro desk. You can get about 500-700 off per window from the pro desk compared to windowrama. They offered me a window at 2200 and home depot did it at like 1410


What geographic area are you in (which may effect energy/thermal requirements), are you in an HOA, what material are you looking at, how many windows, what do you like/dislike about your current windows, is improvement in sound attenuation a factor, what is your budget?


If you are replacing windows, go double pane with a low e-coating if possible. With labor cost being so high, the difference will be made up by energy savings in the long run and they will significantly increase indoor comfort. As for brands and pricing, it’s highly dependent on your region but try to avoid custom windows if possible.

And don’t use Trex/Plastic Decking anywhere near Low-E glass. It will go all Chevy Bolt on you.


Oh, I had no idea. Good to know…

How come?

skip jeld-wen. their products are dogshit and their customer service is even worse. dealing with defective doors of theirs at the moment.

also, might want to take out a loan.


Plugged in or unplugged?

Plugless, off-grid solar, just need extinguishers after the s’mores, and your ‘like a good neighbor’ insurance dude on speed dial.


They significantly increase cost.

Also a hassle to get replaced.

A couple of a window companies seem to have a glass breakage warranty free of cost with those exception verbiages, am I right to think those are more of a a hassle then they are worth?

And have longer lead times

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