Any good GMC dealers on the East Coast charging less then MSRP

Looking to purchase a 24 Sierra HD when orders open up next month and am having a hard time finding a good GMC dealer. GM forums are a little light on content and I figure people here have more exposure to more friendly dealers.

Any recommendations are appreciated. Whole East coast is fine. Or 500-1000 miles from New York.

Orders open in February I was told
Rivard Buick GMC in Florida was doing discounts

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Feb is when building started I thought?

I was told this today

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Talk about up-to-date information… I knew I came to the right place. Thanks!

Probably 1000 miles from NYC, but Laura GMC in IL is solid. No idea if they’re discounting MY24 HD orders though.

886 miles!

So its looking definite that I’ll be ordering a GMC. RAM screwed up and somehow broke my order so it cant even begin production until 3/1/23 even though I placed my order 9/11/22. Terrible to say the least…

Anyway, again to ensure I dont get left in the dust I want to place my order as early as possible. Everything I read says that 2024’s will start production next month but does that mean we also have to wait to place our orders until then?

For reference I believe RAM took orders starting 9/10/22 but didnt start production until 11/1/22 (or something close to that)

MY24 HD retail orders have opened today

Yeah Im working on placing an order. Ive called a few dealerships, waiting for calls back. I’m thinking of hitting up Laura but the one in IL doesnt sell Chevys only GMC and I’ve decided the high country is going to get the job done.

Do you have to order? There are a lot more HD units on the lots right now for all makes.

24 silverado/Sierra is completely different then the 23’s. They did a refresh this year.

I understand that. My point was you can get one now vs. waiting forever on the refresh.

After all, it is a GM truck in the end - refresh or not.

Yeah I dunno about that logic. That’s like saying you can buy a sony stereo circa 2001 that just came out with bluetooth functionality or you can buy last years model that doesnt have bluetooth. They are both sony’s after all…

Or a TV thats 1080p vs 4k. They are both tv’s after all.

There is a huge leap between 23 and 24 which makes the 23’s only worth it if you only care about the mechanicals, and if thats the case you might as well just buy used.

Hmmmm…2001 Sony stereo analogy or a 1080p vs. 4k TV for a '23 to '24 refresh on a GM truck? Not really.

Good luck with your allocation quest, order and wait.

FYI - many Ram dealers are making deals even on HD trucks right now including on those where orders fell through on lot unicorns. Better truck overall and no wait as well.

I’d do the 24 for the interior alone. The L8T and L5P are both carrying over; the gasser will now have a 10 speed allison transmission.

Interior and upgrades look like they will be way better than before. I can see where driving a 80k truck with a Chevy Cobalt interior is a hard pass for many would-be buyers.

However, unless you are using an HD truck as a DD for a 20 mile commute every day i’m sure the rest of the buyers didn’t care too much about hard touch plastics.

I ordered a ram on 9/11/22 the day after the banks opened up. They didnt have their order guides all figured out so an option I chose ended up getting pushed to 2024 instead of the current 23 models. Anddddddd they cant edit the order so mine is “stuck” and then it went into a parts hold so my order for a ram cant be built until 3/1/23 at the earliest. Thats assuming they fix my order. Its a disaster over there as well.

Or using it for 1000+ mile journeys hauling a 5th wheel.

Yep, that sucks. More of the same COVID/supply chain foolishness hangover.

What about a '22 or '23 Ram on the lot (or in transit)?

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