💚 Andy | Chevy Camaro LT1 V8 Factory Orders | SOLD OUT | See my Hyundai specials instead! Camaro Production Has Halted!

Hmm interesting, so there are circumstances where they can do this, but it may not be universal. Perhaps it’s only for custom orders and not already-ordered inbound inventory, for example. Couldn’t say for sure. The automakers often times do cut very narrow rules for things like this.

I’m officially out of order allocations on these as the factory is soon to switch over to 2022s

Thanks to those that reached out in the first day, you should have your Camaros by Spring.

This was a great chance to broker custom-built cars, and cars that fall more into the “want” category than the “need” category.

Given my place in the market, I’m going to to double down on my work with the Slanted H brand. It’s my pleasure to bring people the most cost effective auto lease deals to meet their needs. There are plenty of brokers here serving the Luxury Car and Sports Car market. I believe in the Hyundai brand and in focusing on one thing and doing it well.

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Camaro Update March 2021: Chevy has suspended production of new Camaros indefinitely due to the microchip shortage. Congratulations to all those that leased V8 muscle cars for under $400/month.

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