Amazing deal on '16 Canyon, $119/mo. 24mo. 10k mi/yr $147 down

Found an amazing deal on a new lease tonight for the truck my husband wanted, $119/mo, 24mo for GMC Canyon Crew Cab SLE with $147 Down total! They were trying to get rid of the last couple of their older inventory and I happened to check their website right after they posted it today! So we’all have to carry 2 leases for a few months but at that price we couldn’t pass it up!
Dealer: Quirk BUICK GMC in Manchester NH.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2016 GMC Canyon Crew Cab SLE

MSRP: $37,030
Selling Price: $34,385
Rebates: $2000 lease $5000 dealership
Trade-in: 0

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: .00095
Residual: 75%

Security Deposit: 0
Total Due At Signing: $143
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $119!!

Zip Code:
Sales Tax Rate: 0% (NH)


I am not saying I don’t believe you, but where did the $7k in lease and dealership rebates come from?

And that residual on a 2016 looks too good to be true!

holy moly…I don’t even need a truck and feel like getting one at that price.

That is a great deal! Congratulations. The super high residual and rebates make this deal awesome!

It’s listed on their specials site, check it out at
They do have one more available with the same deal, I think it’s a couple more bucks a month though cause it’s a different color.

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These deals are NUTS

That 75% residual though… *drool

Edit: and that MF as well…

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Great deal!!! I wouldn’t mind getting this just in case i need to move stuff.

I’m speaking with them now about the Tahoes. Pretty good deal but you need to trade-in a 1999 or newer vehicle to qualify for the internet prices. I wonder if I can just pick up a cheap $500 beater and trade it in.

Deals are only good for MA residents.

I had to look it up, 75% residual seems to be standard.

That’s unlike the Chrysler Pacifica residual that quirk has at 55% and I can’t find any other dealers over 50%.

I called a dealer near me and they said they can’t lease 2016. LOL

Can anyone verify the residual is the current residual offered by GM’s finance organization? Would like to know if the residual and MF are nationwide; if so, then duplicating the deal is a matter of getting a similar discount off of MSRP

I am working a deal now and the MF they are giving me is WAY OFF

I second that request. Would like to get in on a Canyon if the residual is 75% and MF/rebates are all still available. @michael?

I worked a deal on a unit worth 36k

MSRP 36k

Got 6k off. 5500 Incentive +500 lease loyalty

Payment 252 plus tax zero down


The key difference here between OP is they won’t give me the APR she is showing. This one is abour 5% which they insist is what gm is showing.

I know they’re probably lying but I still am going to take the deal.

No discount from dealer? Only factory incentives off?

No dealer discount. These guys were clueless and it was very hard talking to them about anything. Still tho, of 4 dealerships I called they were the only one that said they were willing to do a lease on 2016s. Everyone else said “GM” wouldn’t allow them to lease 2016s

In a vacuum it’s a reasonable deal, but given the deal OP got I would at least want to try a few more dealers. A .002 MF is very high for any captive lease program (think Porsche) and is almost certainly marked up.

I have tried almost five dealers and none of them are willing to work or even attempt a deal. They literally have told me we don’t lease 2016s and just argue with me

And the problem is in Colorado there is very few units available and only at the ones that say they don’t lease