Am i crazy for wanting a $560 monthly payment on a Silverado 1500 High Country?

Hi i just wanted to come in here and get some input on this matter.
Currently looking to get a 23’ Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country, been looking at a local one for $64,415 MSRP and the dealer will discount it to about 60k with conquest and first responder. At that price I’m looking at $724/monthly.
There’s a broker in here offering $660+tax on a similar spec vehicle.
Now my question is am crazy to think i could be on the mid 500s to low 600s which would put the cap cost around 56k ?!
What experiences do you guys have with GM/Chevy do you guys think I’m being too greedy with that payment or am i just completely out of touch with the way the market is?

How much dealer discount, given the current lease programs, is required to get you to that number? How did you come up with that number?

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These are the numbers I’m going for. The dealer would have to discount 13% to get to the $560/monthly mark. Do you guys think that’s too much?

According to your calculator, 13% gets you to $645/mo, not $560/mo. Would take 17-18% to get you to $560/mo

Fellow LHs have posted some deals on rados… gm 100% got lots of units sitting on the lots now

You’re right but I’m not taking the out of pocket $ into consideration i know fees and all that is part of the overall monthly payment but I’m okay with that as long as the down payment is 0

Rados? What do you mean ?

Well if you ignore how much you pay upfront, then getting to $560/mo is easy


I don’t think you can achieve more then an 11% discount on Silverado.

I suspect you will struggle to get more then 5% or 6% off a High Country.

(before including any incentives)

If you want certain features, that are on constraint, like Duramax or Super Cruise, then it’s MSRP.


Okay this is the kind of answer i was looking for. I’m figured it was out of reach since I’ve been emailing a few dealers and they don’t seem to budge on the price

I would also suggest you seriously consider the one-pay option to reduce the MF to 0.00075

Is that something every dealer offer?

The one-pay option is part of the GM financial lease program used by every dealer.

Some dealers may not want to do it, some may not know how…

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Sounds good. Thank you guys for the input. Any other tips are welcomed.

Rados = Silverados.

Are you eligible for GM supplier pricing at all through an employer?

We can do this deal


No man unfortunately. My father in law does but I’m not sure how that works. Can he pass it on to me?

@Clutch get me to $560 with tax a month and I’ll sing right away!!

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I doubt youre going to find another $4000 discount over the deal linked


Need to get less truck