Ally credit score tiers

I have had a lot of activity lately and it has change my credit scores. Does anybody know if this is a tier 1(s) or tier 2 (a) credit with ally?

I think that chart is somewhat bull. 27% of the population does not have scores between 800-900.

I work in lending and rarely come across 800-900 scores

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Is this good?

Really??? That blows my mind. Both my wife and I are over 800. All we do is pay our bills on time. Shocking concept.

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850 is great. You could easily secure a small business loan. Although there are more factors to consider.

Same here. I’m not even 40 and have an 830 score. My wife is slightly higher… My father in law has an 850, and my mom has an 848. I don’t see the difficulty in managing credit.

My Chief Credit officer calls this FICO inflation.

FYI – Judgments and Liens do not show up on Credit Reports anymore. Basically if the IRS places a lien on you potential lenders wont see it.

Most lending institutions consider anything above 720 to be Tier 1. Other factors come into play, such as length of credit, and how much of your credit is in use, debt to income ratio, etc… But as far as vehicle lending tiers, you should be tier 1.

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Lol. The chart listed only goes to 850

I don’t work in lending, but even I know the max credit score anyone can attain is 850.

900?! :joy: :joy: :joy:


I see a ton of 800’s at work. Toyota buyers tend to have good credit :slight_smile:

You can get a 900 on Auto Fico.

Do auto lenders pull a lexisNexis?. We see many delinquent borrowers leasing/purchasing new cars.

A recent case was of a guy who went delinquent on a loan and purchased a $100k car

Okay, that explains it! I thought I was going crazy! LOL

Experian Auto 8 needs to be over 700. They don’t care about the other scores.
Looks like you are tier 2.

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My experien is 731 right?

According to your picture you posted your Experian Auto 8 is 658.

Why do you care about the tier ? Are you trying to figure out if your MF was marked up ?

@tbenfit just to add info, in contrast your fico auto 08 is Tier 4 with Audi. So it really depends on the lender.

Land rover on the other hand considers 750 and above to be Tier 1.

Maybe Ally have more lenient criteria.

Hope everything works out for you.

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