All the Leasehackers, help a newbie with 3row SUV LEASE


Probably. My lawyer explained that his job is to make me whole and the down payment going down the drain because some texting idiot totaled my car wouldn’t make sense. However, I do think you need to inform your lawyer that there was a down payment, and that the amount is usually prorated by how many months you are into the lease.

I am in your exact situation in LA area. I am looking for 3 row SUV, mid size.
Kia Telluride is out of my list cause they have markup price of $10.000 !! (they sell it $10.000 more)

I considered, Toyota Highlander, VW Atlas, Ford Explorer, Mazda cx-9, GMC Acadia.
The best value I was able to get was on Highlander, but I was not able to get a good deal, and also I drove it, it felt like a tank, was kinda slow for 3.5L V6 engine. Also the interior was kinda not good enough quality, the XLE, even my 2018 Camry had better quality materials inside.

VW Atlas and Explorer, got worse deals, like $500+ monthly and 2-3k down …

I drove CX-9 and I loved it. That will be my pick for now.

Trying to find a good deal, I am pretty sure with right negotiations I can pull $400 monthly with 0 or little down, I am looking at Touring + Premium, which makes it around 39k MSRP, so $400 should be achievable, I got only 1 deal for now, which is again high, around $400 montly with $4000 down…

I wish you a good luck :slight_smile:

I asked the question, not to be an ass, but because a settlement in an accident where the other party is at fault isn’t indicative of a normal insurance payout. That’s the other party agreeing to pay an amount that they deem appropriate.

They could have agreed to a settlement that said they pay back double your DAS for the inconvenience, but that wouldn’t mean that most people that get in accidents would have their insurance do the same.

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The CX-9 is a miserable vehicle and useless as a 3 row. It’s a two row suv with some mislabeled obstructions in the cargo compartment.

I don’t know why you would say that.

It drove better than toyota, it felt like a fast suv.
The 3rd row seats were similar to toyota as well, As a tall guy I was still able to sit there.

The interior material quality is better as well, and the exterior looks unique, so

Anyway its my opinion, and its your opinion.

If you’re willing to spend Palisade/Telluride money, the correct answer is a lower-spec Volvo XC90 for the same price, especially if your credit is Tier 1

Because I lived with one for a couple years. After the initial honeymoon period was over, all the flaws in the design started to become obvious.

What’s a bigger metric than me not liking it was that my wife, who doesn’t care about cars at all, hated it too.

Can you point to few of those design flows?

They some how managed to make the interior of a giant vehicle unreasonably tiny. The 3rd row is useless as a 3rd row, all it does is make the rear storage smaller. Speaking of rear storage, the roof line, rear hatch profile, and rear opening make the rear storage painfully small, even with the 3rd rows seats down. I saw someone else here describe the current CX-9 as an inverse Tardis. Quite appropriate.

Infotainment is the worst in the industry. It’s based on a system that’s coming up on a decade old and is really really slow. Ours had a backup camera… I think. You wouldn’t know because the infotainment didn’t come to life until after you had backed out of the driveway and were driving down the road. That was after the dealer flashed the firmware a couple times and made it better. Prior to that, it took multiple minutes to come to life often (I measured).

Interior materials look good at first, but then they get scratched to all hell after a short period of time. Speaking of short periods of life, the paint likes to chip if you look at it wrong and there are some design points on the bumper that lead to stress cracks. Nothing like a 2 year old car with cracks in the bumper around lights and chipping paint.

The transmission behaved very oddly in throttle lift off conditions. It’d clunk weird and surge. Had it checked out, told that’s how it was.

We loved it when we first looked at it. Thought it drove great, that the interior looked fantastic, etc. After living with it for 2 years, nothing made me happier than getting a carvana quote within a couple hundred dollars of the lease buy out. Couldn’t get rid of it faster.


That is interesting, thanks for the info!

You can take Mazda out of Ford, but you can’t always get Ford out of Mazda.

I highly doubt that. Lower residual on MDX

Toyota isn’t throwing $8-10k in incentives at the Highlander though

But is Acura though?

No, Acura isn’t throwing $8-10k in incentives at the Highlander either.


No, what I was trying to say was that does Acura have $8,000 to $10,000 incentive?

$8250+ incentives with higher mf – Acura does this a lot

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Higher MF, really? wow

Acura usually does two rates, a subvened MF with a lower incentive ($4-5k on the mdx) or a non-subvened MF with a large incentive.

I believe I have seen $2k in additional incentives as well.

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My highlander xle hybrids for around $500/mo all in are a great deal this month. When you factor in gas savings it’s even better. Or the xle gas is around 450. L is around 400.