All the Leasehackers, help a newbie with 3row SUV LEASE


Hi smart people of LeaseHack. So I live in Texas, my credit score is 761. Looking to lease a 3 row suv, In low trim ( to keep it cheaper) either Palisade or Telluride or possibly Highlander. Online deal on Hyuindai website has a deal for 3500 down and 339 a month for LE trim. Went to 2 dealers, the actual numbers are 3500 plus fees as down payment and 500 a month, dealers are not willing to give any good deal, not even close to what the website lists. I’ve read a lot of posts here but still don’t fully understand how to negotiate, I already left the dealership, emailed other dealerships around, and nobody called back Or the deals they’re giving are even higher , basicall I’m not sure what to do…

Check out a highlander. Here.

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Don’t bother with the palisade or telluride unless you’re in love with it for some reason. The prices for them are insane right now because of low inventory and high demand. If numbers are similar to last month your best bet is a Highlander or Pilot. If you want to learn the process I would learn how to calculate a lease first. Then find dealers and start emailing / texting to get numbers. To do the process yourself it takes time but once you go through it a few times it will become much faster in the future. It takes awhile to learn what dealers around you will work deals, which will do a lot online, which will force you to come in (annoying but some of these dinosaurs will fold if your in house and willing to leave after negotiating etc.). If you don’t want to spend the time learning then I would look for a broker in your area for Honda/Toyota on the market place and talk to them.

You’re in Texas. The obvious answer is tax credits and to contact @derekoh1991 on the Toyota and @IAC if they have anything outside bmw with tax credits.

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Actually, there are no Toyota/Honda brokers here in TX…

Palisades are consistently getting larger pre-incentive discounts now that they pretty much ever have, especially on non-limited trim 2020s.

The two SEL deals posted on here recently were terrible. I guess maybe look into it but everything I’ve seen here has been awful.

There’s much more info on pricing on the Palisade forums to pull from. The amount of data is here is very limited.

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Acura MDX could lease better than Highlander.


No Honda brokers.

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Thanks for all the info guys. Now I’m even more confused, should I offer 3500 down or do 0 down?

0 down if car is totaled or stolen $3500 is lost.

Which forums are these?

Google to find them. Hyundai Palisade forum should yield results

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Talk to Derek!

Do not put any money down! Biggest mistake you can make!

Talk to Derek!

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Is this actually true?

When my lease was totaled 3 months into my lease, my lawyers managed to get the down for me in the settlement.

Were you at fault?

No. Someone rear-ended me on the highway. Even then, I just feel like people on this forum should have the benefit of the doubt that they’re not going out and causing at fault accidents.

The conventional wisdom on this board (I assume from actual experience) is that, if the car is totaled, you lose any down payment.

I assume the question from @mllcb42 wasn’t a judgment call but simply a request for clarification. If someone’s car is totaled but they are NOT at fault (and get lawyers involved), perhaps that down payment can actually be recovered. But, if the person is at fault, perhaps they do not have a remedy to recover the down payment. It’s a (very) helpful distinction.