After shelter-in-place/stay-at-home

I know it’s a long way away but when the shelter-in-place or stay-at-home are lifted. How long before you or your family will do the following:

Go to a sit down restaurant
Go to a movie
Go on an airplane
Go on a cruise
Go to a baseball/football/basketball games
Go to a concert

If the stars line up just right I could probably do all on the same calendar day.


You can go on a cruise and airplane on the same day while going to a game? You are the best!


Nawwwwwwww. Really?

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Not impossible if you time everything just right.

You can even combine the movie and sit down dinner on the cruise.


so fly to Florida, get on the cruise, watch the concert from the cruise + move + baseball/football/basketball while eating?

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Do I know if I have antibodies in your hypothetical?

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That will be impressive :slight_smile:

I will let the crowds do those things first, so probably at least a couple of years for me to go to a restaurant, five to go to the sports event, never cruise or movie theaters.

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No vaccine, this is only after the shelter and stay at home being lifted. Since the economy has to restart somehow so wanted to see when people will start feeling comfortable doing those things and of course there are more on that list.

So they have football games on a cruise? I thought cfl was canadian football league, not cruise football league.

No one said it had to be pro-level. Little league will suffice.

This is technically possible in any major city with a cruise port nearby (also, no specific was given on how long the cruise has to be)

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Wow… I mean wow.

I don’t need a vaccine, I just want widespread antigen testing.

If we don’t have either and we’re just raw dawging it, I am not rushing out to a crowded place no. Probably a walk at the beach within 24 hours and there are a few restaurants I miss, but no movies/concerts. Be interesting to see how long before I get on a plane: this is the longest I haven’t flown in close to 10 years.


Technically I suppose some people can also qualify for the employee pricing, military, educator, first responder, commercial and college grad rebates as well. That would be a heck of a lease.

And a heck of a way to spend your day!

I could build an itinerary that hits all those points with enough time in advance. It’d be a hell of a day for sure.

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One thing you don’t have to wait for…


Okay hear me out,
Assuming a June 27 date (if Corona Virus is lessened)

  1. Airplane early in morning from DFW (I’m guessing) to Miami (2hrs 42min nonstop). Leave say 6 AM to arrive in Miami around 10 accounting for traffic, TSA, airport shenanigans.

  2. Depart (10:30ish) and Arrive into city (15 min by uber to Marlins Park)

  3. Enjoy Marlins game, while eating at the sit down Bacardi third base Dugout Club, complete with buffet, a la carte, and complimentary drinks. (Arrive early @ 10:50ish to enjoy perks until game ends).

3.5 Marlins game from 12:10 PM to 3:30 (average MLB game time of 2019 with 20+ min for safety).

  1. Take public transit from Marlins Park to Royal Caribbean cruise terminal. (4-5: 1 hour according to google maps public transit)
  2. Leave on a sunset cruise (Departs @ 7 so time to check in).
  3. Enjoy concert at the bar at night? There is a concert later in the cruise at their Bahama resort night club on Day 3.

Question is, why Marlin’s game?


Miami, cruise terminal, also I’m not very creative so I thought baseball + cruises, my least favorite team (sorry Miami). Also Florida has the best selection of cruises I’ve seen close to Texas (Electric’s home base). The one day anti-corona cation stop and drop is possible. Electric if you want the links for everything, I can send you them :slight_smile: