Advice on 24 Month, Low Mileage (5k/yr), Sports Car Lease

Hi All,

I’ve been (for years) trying to get familiar with the lease process and the calculations used to get the best deals.

My question is more general at the moment.

I am in the hunt for an MX5-RF, Audi TT, Boxster, Fiat 500 Abarth, Fiat 124 Abarth etc. Something sporty and fun to drive around and on the smaller side. 2 or 4 seaters. I’d like to stay under 400 a month at most.

My family has 2 cars. My second car is a beach mobile and gets 2000 miles a year at most. This car will likely get less.

I’d love to find a 24 mo 5k Mile/yr lease deal. Fart cars are fine! I know MX5’s have terrible residuals (and the others likely as well).

Is a 24 Mo Low Mileage Lease beneficial? Possible? Stupid?

My wife is much likelier to sign off on a 2 year commitment then a 5 year finance.

I’m in Charleston, SC which is a black hole for car variety and inventory but I’d be happy to do everything over email/phone and have it shipped.

Thanks All!

I don’t believe you will find 5k lease options on any of those. Maybe a 7500, but even then, probably 10k at the lowest.

2 year leases are generally going to cost more than 3 year leases, but most everyone will happily take more of your money to do it.

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Have you calculated any of them to see if a $400/mo payment is possible, especially for 24 months?

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Good point I’ll look into that. I didn’t want to spend too much time chasing something that wasn’t possible.

Good to know. I figured it wasn’t a thing as you don’t ever see it advertised. 3 year wouldn’t be the worst.

Have you heard of Turo? It’s for people like you!!

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Please do not lease a vehicle which your wife will nag you about for the entire lease duration. Go the Turo route.

Once you go the lease a sports car route, your wife will go through the seven stages of grief.

Ps. Don’t forget we are literally. Saving your marriage. Send a Yearly donation to LH on your anniversary.


@vhooloo Who would marry such a woman…smh

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Porsche Financial Services writes 5k mile leases, however, you will exceed the $400 p/m stipend for any of those vehicles.

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I would highly recommend reading some of the Leasing 101 articles. They will give you an idea of what you need to know in order to calculate a lease before even calling up the dealers.

I need a midlife crisis though! I’m almost 40! My wife makes the money and I’m debt free so I feel as though the cosmos owe this to me!

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Ok figured out how to quote doh. Anyways we take our Cayenne GTS to the local Porsche dealer for service about 50 percent of the time. They got me addicted to the boxster. Might shoot them an email but I’m not hopeful! This COVID crisis has taught me I spend too much money eating out and should spend at least half that on a fun car. (The GTS is fun as hell but its my wifes and gets 11 miles to the Gallon)

I’m too neurotic about covid and also messing up someone elses car. I’ve thought about buying a car and Turoing it though…Forgot about that until you mentioned it…Might be a plan!

You might be able to lease the front half of a boxster for that price.


Floor mats included?

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Only the floor mats for the rear seats.

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What if I came in for a test drive today?

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I’ll throw in the all weather floor mats for the rear seats


Maybe a flood damaged one?!?! or one that someone died in!

Of course it won’t be 400 :slight_smile: I think they were 700+ the last time I saw one even advertised. Plus apparently my local Porsche dealer has 1 boxer on the lot since the plague started.

See this is why I’m aiming for the MX-5 RF

Branding/Selling invisible floor mats is very Porsche