Advice on 2022 BMW 530i Quote

Hey all trying to figure this lease quote up.

I’ve been talking back and forth with a local BMW dealership here and it’s been pretty straight-forward and been a solid experience thus far. But I’m trying to figure out the terms of this lease and how they’re getting the numbers versus what the lease hackr calculator is saying, there is is quite a discrepancy.

The dealer is quoting me this lease deal
BMW 530i

  • MSRP: $57,210
  • Sale Price: $51,910
  • Additional $1,000 off sale price promo
  • 3yr 10,000/mi
  • $5500 Down Payment
  • Risidual: $33,182

The dealer is claiming the monthly payment will be $590/mo however the calculator is stating it will be ~$716 /mo. Also here is a link to the calculator.

What am I missing here, I’m new to leasing and am curious if there is something glaring I am missing here.


Is that pre or post-tax? Post a deal sheet.

Where is that reflected in your calculator?
Your calculator is assuming base MF. Have you confirmed with the dealer what MF they are using?

The effective payment takes into account the $5500 down payment + any fees paid upfront.

Whoa, thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it!

He was claiming it’s post-tax. And I don’t have a deal sheet since it’s been all on the phone. I can ask tomorrow.

Oh good catch, I don’t know what MF they are using, since I am going with the base MF that probably is a huge factor isn’t it?

Yep. It is probably marked up given the discount. 9%+ off MSRP on this car is a strong discount in this market.

When dealer lots were full of new inventory, you could easily get 10% off MSRP + base MF on this car.

Thats what I’m wondering if this is just too good to be true, or what’s the catch? What am I missing here.

I’ll get the deal sheet tomorrow once the bank gets back with the approval and will report back!

Is there a lease return or trade involved in this deal?

$5,000 down payment and $600/m for a 530i?

That’s just crazy

What are people smoking to call that a good deal?


$5500 down payment or $5500 das?

If we assume $5500 das, then the dealer is saying it’ll be $726/mo effective

Thanks for the honesty. I really do appreciate it. I’m new to leasing so really trying to not get bent over here.

I was thinking if I could go back and switch it to an M340i and get a similar deal if that would be ideal. The M340i has way more amenities and a similar MSRP, so the car will not depreciate as much as a base 530i, would that be a smarter decision?

Edit: also, do you think it’s just the sign of the times with the current auto market which is why deals can’t get much cheaper?

BMW leases haven’t been smart decisions for 6+ months now.

That being said, what exactly are you looking for? A larger, more comfortable car or a smaller, quicker car?

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Good question. I was liking something larger and more comfortable, however if you compare the two cars 530 vs 340 they have similar leg room and headspace. The 530 does have more trunk space and but that’s really it.

I would really love to get into something larger though, but the m340i if that’s my option would seem to be the route to take just because a 530 doesn’t have half the options the m340 has. (Tech package, Harmon Kardon, etc.)

There’s no need to limit yourself to BMW.

Someone who once had 3 in a row.


I don’t really understand your rationale. Any feature you can get in a 340, you can get in a 530 basically besides the motor (which would be more comparable to a 540 I guess or a 550 if you want to get crazier) and then some extras like massaging seats.

Ya I guess most of the larger part of the 5 series is in the rear and trunk but it’s still a different class/size car and you’re talking about it like a 340 is more well equipped than a 530 which isn’t necessarily true.

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I guess, if I wanted the features I want in the 540 the price jumps to numbers that I can’t even entertain.

A 540i MSRP is $69,805 for one on the lot here. And the 530i which I was entertaining didn’t have much on the spec sheet, so thats why I thought maybe pivot to a M340i which is on the lot, same MSRP as the 530i and just a lot more car for the dollar.

I know we can order 530’s with all the amenities that a 340 has but, I’m just speaking for what hand I’m being given right now.

I really do appreciate this convo, this is all a learning experience for me.

OP I have a 2020 530xi in the extended family and I get to drive it from time to time .

Paying $800-$900pm for this car is insanity. You’re gonna realize you made a mistake . It’s nothing special … fyi.

It drives no better than some Camcord.

Like others have said, BMW right now does not offer any value in their leases, and I’ve also had BMW’s back to back.

Look elsewhere, if possible.

OP whatever you decide you should sort out the terminology, your calculator shows $5500 down payment which I have a feeling is drive off from the dealership. Also buy rate money factor is hard to come by in northern California.

FWIW, the 530i has a 4 cylinder engine while the 540i and M340i both have a 6 cylinder engine.

If I were in your shoes, I would not lease a BMW right now, unless you want the badge.

The drives are totally different between M340 and 530. It’s more than just size. Drive both before you decide, IF you’re going to lease at all.


I have a large sedan fetish, but I’d take an M340 over a 530 about 100 times out of 100, even though the 3 Series feels like a clown car to my 6"2" man-body.

Of course I also have an acceleration fetish, which overrides most of my other kinks.


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