Advice for dealing with speeding tickets?

Can anyone here advise on California-based traffic attorneys they’d recommend for speeding tickets? Additionally does anyone have experience working with DoNotPay, Off The Record, Ticket Ninja or any other such online traffic law services?

@wam22 is a serial speeder :grin: he can probably share some tips.


Off the record is an option, but they are expensive. Best bet it to just call law firms in the county you received the ticket and see who will take it. $250-$350 per ticket is fair in my opinion but some might charge $500.

I got lucky on one. State tropper must of pulled on the highway as I was passing. Paced me going about 100 in a 55. Wrote me up for 75 and not using a blinker. Had a lawyer friend appeal the tickets and IL threw both of them out since “COVID”.

Then I got another in Maryland. Going about 110 when my laser jammer went over and I was able to get down to 75 but still got pulled over and got a ticket for 74 in a 65. It’s $80 so I paid it. All the lawyers there wanted $500+ to fight it. Not worth it IMO.

Then I had another a while ago going about 20 over. Contested the ticket myself and was able to get it down to a non-moving violation. At the end of the day, the county just wants to revenue.

Also invest in counter measures. Vortex radar is the gospel for radar detectors and last jammers. A $400 radar detector with Waze has saved me probably hundreds of time.


Lawyer Up.

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If you were going 15 or under and got a ticket, you might have luck fighting it yourself with a clean record. Most states will give you a probation period where if you don’t get a ticket for 3-6 months, they are dismissed (you still have to pay the fine) and don’t go on your record. Anything over 15 and a traffic lawyer is a good route since a judge will see that as a more serious offense.

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Im curious, why do you have such information?

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My non-legally trained, but free advice… don’t speed anymore😁. It immediately solves all of the attendant problems.


I find Waze highly useful too, all your fellow speeders report speed trap locations(doesn’t work very well out in BFE). As I’ve gotten older I know the hot spots and adjust my speed appropriately. I also follow the 10 over rule(drive 10mph over the limit)unless I’m really paying attention and I’m familiar with the area.

Anything over 90 is just asking for trouble


Which one did you get?

I’m in the market and I don’t have much enthusiasm for researching things like this, especially when there’s an unapologetic reprobate at my disposal. :spoon:

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Do you have actual jammers in the bumpers? Everything else is ineffective.

Uniden R7 is the best long distance and best IMO. Valentine V1 Gen 2 and Escort Max 360 are also strong. The cons is that is the the blind spot filter isn’t great, but I just turned off K band since no cop runs it locally. Theia is coming out soon (could be a month, could be a year) that has true AI learning, so that will probably be my next one. Check out RD forums and vortex radar. Tons of testing and reviews.

I have the ALP system in the front bumper with the TX sensor. I can confirm it has saved me 2 times (once from probably getting my car towed). Probably will add rears at some point.


Best thing I ever did was sign up for legal insurance w/ Metlife. It costs about $20/mo and includes attorney defense for traffic violations. I’ve also used the insurance to cover things like wills & real estate matters.


How much did parts + install cost?

I’m looking at maxci360 and it’s $3k all in

Any recommendations?

I am not as familiar with all the built in radar systems. I know Uniden just released the R9, which from my understanding is built in R7 with laser diffusers. Again, I would check out vortex radar for suggestions since he test everything and rdforums has a lot of good info.

However if you are going the built in route, I would get the ALP system with the radar. It is expensive ($3k just for parts for front and rear radar with laser jammers), but no one makes a better system currently.

$3k for a laser jammer? OK - I’m going to get flamed for this. But, wouldn’t it just be easier to slow down a bit? (Coming from someone who drives on I-5 where getting up to the speed limit in traffic is a good day…)


Radar doesnt work because cops use radar as a secondary source. They watch in car behavior and by sitting they also know what the pace of a car should be for that road. Also taught tactics like watching for break lights, front end dipping when hitting breaks…which is a natural response when you see them. Its why we never argue when they say 75 in a 55…when you could have swore you were doing 90.

Have kids slow down lol


Unrelated to OP’s original question, but related to the ongoing discussion (sorry, OP, I have no experience with tickets) –

I’ve been a big fan of the Uniden R3/R7 and would highly recommend them. Radar has saved me dozens of times. The Escort Max is a good option as well. The appeal of the Valentine V1 is just the directional arrows, which the R7 does as well. My only gripe on all of them has been false laser alerts but you can turn them off (as well as K-band).

Buying a radar is a small investment considering it pays for itself in one potential ticket. Peace of mind alone is comforting (knowing that you can comfortably speed).

I haven’t explored the jammers as I know those are illegal in some places, and I just haven’t felt they were necessary. Some may feel the same about radar in general, but that’s because there’s hardly ever highway patrol in the big city where there’s more traffic than speeding opportunities. The value is debatable if you only drive in highly congested areas, but if you live the burbs, radar is a must-have. I’d never drive cross-state without one.


I’d imagine that $3k would pay for a lot of speeding tickets too. It probably depends on what your local HP use - there are some who never use laser too, in which case a Waze/radar detector combo is all you need

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Driving fast on even empty public roads just doesn’t appeal to me anymore - that likely is a mix of having seen some horrible accidents in my former life and also to do with the fact that most often I have my kid on the back. All that to say, I don’t even see the value in a radar detector. Waze accomplishes more than enough for my purposes.

I drive with the pace of the majority of traffic (up to 10 over) and have not been burned yet by that approach.

To the OP - I don’t have any advice for CA, but the one bad ticket I had in my youth, I hired a lawyer and it saved my license.