Adding additional disclosures on BMW loaner leases


Is there any way to add some sort of a disclosure to a BMW Financial Services lease contract on a loaner that comes with, for example, scratched rims? I don’t want to be responsible for them at lease turn-in 3 years from now.

I’d have them to over the car and note any cosmetic defects that need to be repaired to pass lease end. For the most part though they’re not gonna let you drive off with a car in a condition that would get you charged on lease end.

More of a technical question, but where would they note these cosmetic defects? Finance manager doesn’t seem to know of any place where they could disclose this on the contract.

You need to have them repair it or accept it as part of the deal. BMW finance isn’t going to care at the end of the lease if it was a loaner. If you want a perfect car, go the new route with less discount. Also going to depend on how scratched they are, if it falls under normal wear then it doesn’t matter.


if dealer is close you can just return to them and they’ll have prior damage noted on files if you make them notate

It’s not, a couple of states away unfortunately.

They don’t seem super scratched but still. I don’t care about a perfect car lol. I just don’t want the liability at EOL, since they’re in a state that doesn’t offer lease-end protection program.

Ask for “we owe”.

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We owes generally have a time limit on them (usually 90 days), so OP might have a problem collecting on it if the FI manager isn’t there anymore in 3 years.

Really, just get the wheels repaired as part of the purchase. It is fairly cheap for any dealer to get them fixed with whoever they contract wheel repairs to.

But to answer your question, there is not. It is the dealer’s responsibility to provide a car that meets BMW FS’s leasing guidelines if you want to avoid any potential charges. BMW FS does not care, nor should they, that there was a scratch on the rim as long as it is repaired before lease turn in. If not repaired, then expect it to be noted and charged appropriately.

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We owes are not filed with financial services.

I always notate damage on the state lease form, initial and have the GM or SM initial too. I’ll let you know how it works if I ever take a lease to term.



The first ever lease to term goes back next week (the cheap AF V60). Will document how this experience goes.

Either the dealer is going to fix them as part of the sale, or they’re going to be your problem on lease return. At the price you’ve mentioned in the other thread, it would be interesting to see who blinks first on fixing the wheels, you or the dealership… The wholesale price dealers pay to fix wheels really isn’t much typically.


I never said it was. Dealership provides it. i.e. he can come back and fix it or maybe show “we owe” at turn in, if he goes to the same dealer.


Plus the dealer is so far away the buyer is never going back there after driving off.

“We owe” is useless in this situation.


What car are you getting?

A 22 BMW 750 with 4k miles on it.

This is what I’m doing, I asked them to get them fixed. I’m willing to pay up to $150/wheel for 3 wheels, if it’s more, they can cover the difference - I have no problem walking away if they’re not ok with that. They wanted to sell me on a wheels and tires protection package for $2,200 with a $800 cosmetic rider, I just don’t want to deal with it…

What tire size? T&W might just be worth it if you’re prone to drive through construction areas. :wink:

Honestly, went through 5 BMWs and I’ve never had to replace a wheel… replaced tires plenty but that’s because eventually they expose their belts lol.

Edit: Not sure what tire size lol… probably 20s
Edit 2: 24N 20" V-spoke bi-color wheels, style 628 with per… 1,300.00

whats the deal like? Can’t wait for the bonanza

Volvo V60? Who’s the inspection company?

i think autovin but not 100%, it comeback at $0 though.