Acura TLX 2017 Base

Hello Hackers,
I looked at 36 month/12k leasing options with 0 down.

MSRP: 32,950
Selling Price 26680

Admin fee 199
bank acquisition fee 595

Net capitalized cost - 27474

Net residual 54%

$347 per month for 36 moonths. Is this a good deal ?

I looked at Passat SE, 300 Limited and Maxima S . I got a quote higher than 350 on all these 3 cars.

This is in kansas city

Doesn’t seem that great. The discount off MSRP looks decent at first look, but does that include incentives? What is base MF and what MF are they quoting you? It might be marked up. Check out the Infiniti Q50 deals posted in the forum, there appears to be some very good deals and monthly payments not far off from where you are at with much higher MSRP/optioned vehicles.

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Thank you! The MF they gave me ws 0.00126. They included all the rebates/incentives in the Selling price they gave me 26,680. I will take a look at Q50 posts.

Not that great.
I have seen $199 with $0 down/$0 drive off for the non-tech pack. (AKA all fees rolled in)

This was of course for 10k/36mos

Tech Pack residuals are usually lower than the base.

18 is a refresh so I’d get that or wait till it arrives and renegotiate

If you were in a competitive market, you could have gotten a 45K+ MSRP Q50 for that payment

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How long ago was this?