Acura RDX 2019 Base - 335 PM- Quote sheet


I got a quote for Base RDX FWD. 990 DAS and 335 before tax on 36/10K.
The selling price around 31200. MSRP 38500.

I was confused with loaner X3 vs RDX. This one seems to be pretty good.Is this good deal?


Any comments on the offer?

Just completed the lease. Actually it was even better today. Sale price 29200. Final figures 995 DAS and 299 per month before tax!

299 is for 7500 miles, i signed up for 10k so 309 before tax. DAS includes first month payment. I was eligible for loyalty discount of 1000.

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This is a good deal man. Good job. Great discount!

Under near 325 effective monthly payment on an RDX.


Thanks. Here is the latest sheet for anyone.

Nice deal for an RDX, enjoy the vehicle

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Woooooow. Great deal!!!

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That’s a great discount!

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I’m in the market for leasing 2019 Acura RDX. Do you mind sharing the dealer info and the lease offer?


The lease offer is very fully explained in the pic in the 4th post…

That’s a great deal. I am looking for a base AWD. Will appreciate any help.

What’s your payoff.
If you pay it off from your personal funds, are there penalties or additional fees.

Since i lease just few days ago, it might take few weeks to get those details. I ll post once i get.

I already posted this info in different thread. Still just to clarify for anyone having the question of considering “lease to buy” for Acura. If i have to buy this vehicle, my pay off quote is 29K from Acura as of todaywith 35 payments to go. This makes lease to buy a great value proposition.

I am planning to pay off with credit union.

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I am also following the same process. I just transferred the Payoff amount last Friday and waiting to see what happens next.


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