Acura NSX deals! $30k rebate and big discounts

they were at 189 - 45k

What color are you on ? What did you monthly come to on that car ? Anything down ? I think your on to highl if a car for the payment you want

New, 1,740 miles and $30K off

$41,700 off, 10 miles

So which deal is better lol?

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So these two dealers posted , anyone deal with them ? What do you think payment should be on those cars ?

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Do some legwork yourself. Go type the numbers into the calculator.


Just confirmed that $30k AFS rebate is still valid. Now just trying to find a dealer to give a decent discount. If anyone has any leads, please PM me. Thanks.

A bunch of the dealers that were not giving any love a week ago when I was looking to buy are all now calling. Maybe you just need to play hard to get…

I’m definitely playing hard to get. No bites yet. Best I’ve got with the rebate is 50k off but on a 200k car. Will wait and see.

What’s the best offer you have come across ?

I’ve checked into a couple different cars, most recently a white one around $190k. The $30k incentive is still available, but apparently only if it hasn’t been used on another car already. Also, the dealer I spoke with about the white car quoted a MF of .0025 (6%), which seems really high. They said this was as low as AFS will go now on 2017s now that we are in 2018. The RV also dropped a percent to 53 and 54, on 36/7.5 and 36/5 respectively. I’m not sure I believe what they are saying about the MF, as that seems unreasonably high, but I suppose AFS might have change the terms on 17s given that we are now in 2018. Very disappointing if true, and would mean the reasonable lease deals are gone if so. I’ve only heard this from one dealer though and they could be trying to pad the MF. Anyone else gotten any firm quotes in January?

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Wow that is a much higher MF. No idea if that is true or not. Also that residual dropped by two points on the 5k lease. Mine was 56%.

If the MF has in fact gone up that high, coupled with the RV drop (which is understandable), that makes a lease pretty unattractive. I’m going to see if a different dealer can confirm the same MF and RV numbers, or maybe somebody here has a quote in January to confirm. I’ll be really curious to see what AFS does going forward though. The leftover 17s are going to be hard to move if the lease terms are really bad, unless they raise incentives even further. Maybe AFS is counting on selling much more than leasing the remaining inventory. Congrats to those that scored a lease deal last year!

They are definitely not going to up the incentive as there are less than 75 new left (LESS THAN 2 PER A STATE) and now in 2018 the NSX is special order only and will be extremely rare. AFS is probably counting on selling the rest of the inventory as you said. In addition the few cars left will probably be turned into exposure cars and used for demos to place orders for the 2018 though I do believe most of them will be sold as there are so few of them left.

This will present an interesting supply and demand situation that will be similar to what happened years ago when the first gen Audi R8 was not selling and then Audi offered crazy lease deals and then the value of the car went up.

I hope you guys that were able jump on this deal did as this was a once in a lifetime situation getting a car of this caliber with these discounts. This was not just any car lease deal it was for a bona fide hypercar/supercar with absolutely incredible performance. I do not regret getting mine and honestly nothing compares the car is just WOW and I have owned high end Porsches and R8’s etc and this thing just kills it.

Best I’ve gotten is about $55k off with incentive on a $200k car. Things are not looking good with the increase in MF and decrease to RV based on some of the recent posts.

What’s the most you have been offered on 160-170 cars ? I don’t believe the mf increase

The best I’ve been offered on a 170k car is the AFS rebate of $30k. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.