Acura MDX Lease deals

Considering leasing or buying Acura MDX SH-AWD w/AcuraWatch Plus. Anyone have recent best deals for lease or buy, and thoughts on pro/con. I drive 15k miles/ year or more located in CT

Hi dpw_ct,

Im a lease broker in Miami, but we own a Acura, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai and Honda dealerships in NY, so i could give you very good pricing, assuming you are in Middlesex county here is the current lease price:

2016 Acura MDX AWD w/Acurawatchplus MSRP $47285
36 Months 10000 Miles
$449 + Tax ($477 Tax in)
Due at signing: $1705.73 Which includes: 1st month. Honda Bank fee $595. DMV Fees $500. Upfront taxes $133.03 + Shipping.

Are you returning a car ?

Best regards

I have seen lease deals by Acura of Woodfield for $329+tax with $4k down + doc fee, tax etc… This does not include the $1000 conquest incentive or $500 graduate. this was a listed special so you may be able to negotiated a better deal.

I’m interested in a mdx but want to be at $475 per month including all taxes in Long Island ny. 36 months 15,000 miles per year.

2016 Acura MDX Base AWD MSRP $45785
36 Months 15000 Miles
$540 per month Kings county tax in.
Due at signing: $1540 Which includes: 1st month. Honda bank fee $595. DMV $350. Upfront taxes $52.81

The Highlander has a really good 24 month lease if you’re intrested. Also there is no loyalty or conquest rebate this month for the MDX, there is a $1000 for the Acurawatch + model and up, the difference in pricing is about $15.

FWIW, last month when I was SUV shopping, the dealers had the AWD tech package (sticker around 51K) for 499+tax with ZERO drive off…36/12k…this was in los angeles.

My rule of thumb, which works pretty well, is to ALWAYS do ZERO drive off leases AND figure on the monthly payment (ncluding tax) should be 1% of the cars MSRP. Anytime you can get it under 1%, it’s a terrific lease. Anything over 1.2x MSRP is a bad lease.

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Wow that’s true
It’s a basic rule and yet makes a lot of sense

True, but different brands have different factors, a 35k Mercedes GLA will not $350, it will probably be in the high 400s low 500s because the MF is high on Mercedes, it really depends on the incentives that there are that month + the MF and residuals.

You are correct, but that’s what make many cars poor cars to lease…even among luxury brands, certain models lease much better than others (for example, E350 leases well, new GLC does not!).

My attitude is to get the best car I want to drive with the cheapest lease…I’m not that picky about brand or model, so I’ll usually go for the best deal…after all, we’re only renting the car!


100% i agree with that!

Is it worth leasing the MDX or better to buy

What’s the highlander 24 month lease 15,000 miles p year

It depends on how many miles you do a year. If you do a lot of miles then it is worth to buy, otherwise if you don’t drive that much you pay much less a month on a lease, as opposed to paying a lot for a purchase and also the car depreciates.

This is based on the fact that you are in NY Kings county, otherwise i could always ship the car to you.

2016 Toyota Highlander LE MSRP $33900
24 Months 15k Miles
$351 + Tax ($387 Kings county tax in)
Due at signing: $1445.

Or sign and drive:
$395 + Tax ($435 Tax in)
Due at signing: $435.

is this awd? i think it’s not a bad deal… how much to ship to nyc?

This is an AWD. We have our own Honda dealership in Brooklyn and we could deliver it to you depending on were you’re located.

Do you know what the lease would be on the AWD Highlander Limited 24m/15k and 36m/15k - minimal or preferably nothing due at signing.

2016 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD MSRP $43500
36 Months 15000 Miles
$489 + Tax ($520Tax in) Middlesex county
Due at signing: $1707

Sign and drive:
$523 + Tax ($556 Tax in)

24 Months 15000 Miles
$508 + Tax ($541 Tax in)
Due at signinig: $1764

Sign and drive:
$558 + Tax ($594 Tax in)

Hey thanks wondering… if I make this (the Highlander AWD Limited) my primary car I will probably put 18k in it - might make more sense to buy outright

It might be worth it to buy if you do that many miles.

To give you an idea it would be $814 a month at 3.9% for 60 months. There is always the option of getting a different bank such as TD bank to get better rates, this is just to get an idea.