Acura MDX in NJ

I had an mdx lease that was due soon. I signed a new lease on a 2019 MDX thius week. The sales rep was great to work with and I wanted to recommend him in case anyone is looking for MDX in New Jersey or PA. He said his dealership still has about thirty 2019 base MDXs in stock. He is able to do zero drive off for under $400. Call or text Mike at +1 973-609-9876.

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You didn’t even share your deal…

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What was your deal details?

I got an MDX hybrid, it was last 2019 hybrid left which is why I mentioned the base prices. My hybrid deal was zero drive off at 525 including 9% pa tax. This was for 36/7500 which was enough for us because we had roll over miles on the lease we turned in. Less than 1% msrp with taxes, doc fees, registration etc so I thought it was pretty good. We also had 2 payments that were rolled in, if we didn’t have those would have been about 495 a month.

can you share the dealership name to check the inventory ? Thanks.

Got quote from this guy. $445 per month with everything rolled in and zero down and loyalty. This is for 7.5k/36 month. Did he really mention that zero drive and under 400 is possible?

can you post the quote breakdown ?

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I don’t have a breakdown on $400 a mo zero down, not sure if it included tax or not. I’m not a broker but negotiated my deal directly with Mike. He was good to work with so I thought this could help someone looking for 2019 MDX. I had the $1500 pull ahead credit from acura which helped my deal.

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I worked out a deal with the salesman listed above, drove 2 hours to sign paperwork and all of a sudden the deal changed.
He said that there must’ve been some sort of misunderstanding so I pulled out my phone and showed him our text messages.
He told me that zero due at signing and sign and drive did not mean that nothing was due at signing.
Complete waste of my time.


:rofl: Unreal. Gotta love the 'ol bait and switch.

I had a similiar issue at a GMC/Buick dealer last March. Sales guy knew about negative equity that we were rolling in and I had emails from him proving that he had agreed to a deal including the negative. Showed up at dealer to sign, after 4 hours we made it to F&I to find out that no negative was in the contract and selling price was higher than we had agreed to (to arrive at same monthly). Suddenly he had amnesia, until I showed him the emails, at which point amnesia turned into him playing stupid and helpless. It happens!

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I politely asked 2 other salesman to read the text messages and emails between myself and the salesman, both of his coworkers just shook their head and apologized to me on the dealerships behalf.
I called another Acura dealership on my 2 hour drive home, told them the scenario and what I was supposed to be paying and they said they’d honor the deal that was quoted to me from the other dealership.
I was still a little apprehensive but I gave them all the info they needed to run credit checks and whatever else they needed.
So guess who ended up with a brand new MDX today :slightly_smiling_face:


Great ending!! Congrats!

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2019 white base Acura MDX 12/36
1st month and DMV at signing =$775
$450 per month

Open Road Acura in East Brunswick Nj

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