Acura MDX 2022 Lease

Hello, looking to lease the 2022 MDX. The MSRP in ~$49000 with no discounts/incentives as its a new car (no offence to fans but I just wont lease the 2020…never liked it).

I’ve been quoted $400/month for the base AWD model with $4000 drive-off for 10K miles, including TTL.

The calculator on leasehack gives me a MF of 0.00112 with a 65% residual value.

I can afford it but checking to see if this is a good deal or am I overlooking something here.

Obviously it’s not the best deal you can get since it’s no discount. If you shop around a bit or consider shipping, you may be able to get a discount, not too sure how in demand these things are.

Go to the edmunds forums and find out what the base MF and incentives are …not sure if Acura has conquest or loyalty for it.

At least it’s base MF. Depends how much you want the car/how urgently you need a car. That’s a really strong RV for 36 months if it’s correct.

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for the dealership, yes. but if you like it and you can afford it, :man_shrugging:t2:

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If I lived in the NE, I would hit up this guy - :jp: Aronchi NO FEE April Acura - 22 MDX Tech 515, Aspec 546, 20 MDX 358, 21 RDX 363, ILX 230 (w Loy/Conq) [TRISTATE] - Marketplace / Northeast - Leasehackr Forum


Gut feeling is that you weren’t quoted that for a 22, likely a 20. Number doesn’t feel right.

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Agreed. These numbers look too good to be true for a 22.

I agree with the above. I’m a run the desk at an Top 5 Acura store, and I can’t touch $400 month. Take the deal if it’s true.

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Thanks for your feedback guys. These numbers were not quoted out the gate, but were negotiated upon hard. The dealer has quoted $400/month and $5K down and I am at $400/month and $3.6K down and the dealer has indicated if I can bump it up to $4K down, we can lock this. This IS for a 2022 AWD base, not a '20.

Before I go ahead, I wanted to see if this is good to ahead with, which it seems it is. Much appreciated.

Is this $4k down or $4k due at sale?

Be sure that you and the dealer are using the same nomenclature.

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Yeah that’s plus tax title and fees. Guaranteed

Good point. For me, it has to be $4K due at sale, or else I’m not going through with it.

Yeah there’s no way that’s the case.

Why would you put $4k down?

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What pre-incentive discount is required to get you to $400/$4k DAS? That should go a long way to highlighting if this is even within the realm of possibility or not.