Acura ILX (SoCal) $235pm/36m/12k


Got this offer at a dealership in OC. Good deal? Looking for something at around the $220 mark with as little down as possible. 12k/36months. Looking for the best car I can possibly get with these parameters.

2018 Acura ILX (base model)
Market Value: $30,355
Dealer Discount: $9,281
Sell Price: $21,073

Down - Per month (including tax):
1k - $230
1.5k - $215
2k - $200
2.5k - $186

Edit: Down included first month + tax + title

RV: $14,532

First time doing this so I appreciate the help.

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What’s the “1K down” include ?

Find out what the money factor should be from the forums at and any applicable incentives so you can run the numbers yourself for different scenarios instead of relying on the dealer.

Just updated the post. Includes first month + tax + title. Per month prices include tax.

Thanks for the info here. What scenarios are you referring to? As in different sales prices / dealer cash given out? Appreciate the help.

Well, for example, you could run it with 0 down or 0 drive offs to hit your goal of the least money down.

It’s also incredibly helpful for making sure that the dealer isn’t be deceptive and offering a really low price but hiding fees elsewhere or marking up the money factor.

Got it - so I see that the MF for this car at 36months/12k miles is 0.00080. With $0 doc fee and $0 acquisition fee, the calculator yields a sub-$100/month price. Am I inputing something incorrectly? Or does this mean that I was getting a bad deal?

Where are you getting that MF from ?
I see 0.00066 50% residual and $5,625 incentives.

Got it - I was pulling from an outdated thread I found. I see the 0.00066 update. Looks like I wasn’t getting a good deal at the dealer.

When I input this and the selling price/msrp from above, I get $244 a month on a 0 drive off or about $215 a month with $1000 due at signing.

The dealer’s numbers look about right if the $5625 incentive is taxable.

Got it - thanks for helping me out on this. Sounds like it was approx. decent. Should have done my hw before I walked in. He pulled the “deal is off the table if you walk away” bit (of course, they are just doing their job). Maybe I can try getting this offer back.


I’m intere In this deal. Please let me know if it’s still available


This thread is over 2 years old. Nothing about this is relevant anymore.

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