Acura 2020 Acura TLX V6 SH AWD

Sign and drive $550 month including MA taxes. Vin etch fee $179, $420 doc/title fee. MSRP $43,125, residual $20,700. 36 months 10K miles a year. Thoughts?

Post a calculator

We are really good with Acura, give me until tomorrow to run some numbers before you make your decision please

Would like a shot at earning your business

Welcome. We need a little more information to help you.

  1. Get rid of the etch fee.

  2. What is the selling price?

  3. What is the dealer incentive Acura is giving to your dealer (effectively reducing your price)? Last month it was $5,xxx in most regions of the US.

  4. What is the money factor in your deal? Did the dealer mark it up from the buy rate?

  5. What conditional incentives do you qualify for?

  6. Is your dealer adding any options beyond factory installed options?

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If you need help finding out the MF, RV and incentives that should be in your deal. Read this:

White with ebony
Technology Package
Heated Seats, Remote Start, 19x8 pewter wheels, lane departure, Nav., Sunroof, not a loaner.

Sure, I would just like get an idea but I also am very interested in the 2021 TLX. Pearl white or Lunar Silver are the two colors I’m most interested in.

@Bxtreme - You are still missing a lot of information. No one can analyze your deal solely based on an MSRP and monthly payment.

I would also suggest searching the “Shared Deals” section for similar deals on this car, so that you can compare how your offer stacks up.

Just write the VIN on each window with a Sharpie.

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Horrible deal on a 2020!

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Considering the 2021 is not far around the corner you should push for a lower price on this 2020. However I know inventory is shorter

What is a good deal?

:point_up_2: @Bxtreme - Have you done any research to determine what a good deal on this car looks like?

You need the details to actually evaluate, but that sounds atrocious.

I want to hold off for the 2021.

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People are asking for details? ???

$550 for an acura TLX last model year is a complete ripoff. Even if it was a 2021 I would say the same thing.
You don’t need details to prove that.


So if I was interested in a 2021 (same model) what do you think monthly payment should be with $0 down ( tax, title and registration) in western, MA?

2021 model isn’t out. You will get massively screwed on a lease in the first few months after launch.

That is my exact fear. I am nearing the end of my 2018 TLX V6 ASpec and Acura calls me at least once every two weeks trying to let me know the 2021s are on their way. I would love to stay with Acura since I am very happy with my car. However, I am not loyal enough to get screwed with my lease end timing and the launch of a new model. It is more important to me to get a good deal. I am shopping elsewhere to see what my options are.

For a TLX with an MSRP of $43K, I would aim for $0 DAS and $375/mo.