Accord Sport 2.0 Deal Check


I have been on the forum since 2018 but I don’t think I’ve ever posted before (mildly terrified of getting roasted lol - my lease skills are still in training. : ) I got a great deal on my Honda Civic back in 18 - and I’m hoping to do the same w an Accord.
I have been working on a Honda Accord 2.0T Sport Automatic for most of July. There are no incentives right now that I have seen that I qualify for (wouldn’t qualify for new grad, military, etc. and loyalty is hybrids only).

Based on other threads on this forum, I don’t think it’s an amazing deal but it was a lot of work to get here I’ve reached out to 12 dealers in my area. Some were out immediately - several were willing to dive in. My zip code is 66210 - for reference. I know I can do better - but of course the dealer claims I’m basically bleeding him out with this deal.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have! (:

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If this is the top deal from 12 dealers you may just have to sign on the dotted line or pick something different.

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In general check edmunds for incentives. Looks like a good discount, maybe better to buy it

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Yeah - unless I’m missing something - Edmunds shows the military and college grad which I’m not eligible for. I’m pretty bummed there is nothing new from July - August. I feel like 12.9% off msrp is pretty solid but a post on this same car from a couple months ago was way lower (completely different region and there was an incentive I think)…

This is a solid deal. Take it. There was a $1000 loyalty a couple months ago that won’t be coming back.

54k miles on mine and I still love it! The residual Honda sets on these cars is hilarious. In all likelihood you’ll have positive equity at the end. I got a vroom offer for $20,500 for mine last week. I paid 27,5 in Feb 2019.


Shoot, you’re probably right. There was a thread from June of this year (with the incentive you mentioned that I will not be getting lol) where the OP was given some crap about his deal and it was less than mine! This is the thread. Thoughts on deal for an accord sport 2.0t

When I look at his calculator, I don’t understand how my monthly payment with tax is $30 more than his when my sales price is about $500 less and he also got 12k miles where I got 15k. His money factor seems crazy low - maybe that’s it. I really need to get as close to $350 a month as possible but without that incentive - it may not happen… Thanks for your reply!

Looks like MF went up and RV went down a point. If the MF is base, all you can do is negotiate selling price and avoid any dealer adds.

The 10g Accord has had a pretty crappy lease program since it launched with the exceptions of some big incentives to clear 2018’s last year. If you like the car, it is what it is.

If you spend the next 2 weeks sweating every dealer within 100 miles you might get another couple hundred or so taken off, but this looks about bottom to me.


Loyalty is hybrids only?
I thought going back to honda to lease again there was at least a $500 Loyalty, geez. Tough negotiating on this one. How quick do you need this accord lease? Anyway to extend the current lease you are in now?

I have seen some 36/12 leases for under $340 on this 2.0 sport. Your respective payment is just under $400 which is alot for an accord.

I honestly would not touch that car at that lease price. No way no how.

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You’re the king of comparing lease payments with absolutely no context. I’ll wait for your reply with an example of a $340/mo 36/15k and 9% tax rate.


I like when you guys argue with each other. It was almost as good as the dude who tried man-splaining my quote posted on here, while trying to give a member advice, and getting multiple things wrong.

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Looks like a good deal for an Accord for this month. Just shop around when the lease is over to see if you can cash out some equity.

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Or, put another way, it’s $312 plus tax with only inceptions DAS for 36/10.

That’s not bad for a 2.0

Comparing it to payments when inventory, RV and MF were all better is pointless.


@max_g - are you saying by changing the annual mile allowance it puts it down to 312…? I changed the calculator to 10k miles instead of 15k and it took the total payment down to $359, pre tax is $329. Actually I just realized it changed my residual on me. When I change it to 10k miles the payment is still $387 - it didn’t change the payment at all. Am I doing something wrong or is that not what you meant…?

@Traderx I have a few months left on my civic ex-t lease but it needs tires pretty desperately and already has 39k miles (hence why I was shopping a new lease at 15k miles). I can sell it to Carmax or the dealer for just over what I owe on it or of course sell private and make at lease a couple thousand. I didn’t want to endure dealing with the public in selling private but that would put a couple thousand towards my new lease and lower the payment substantially…

@HondaSoCal Do you have any thoughts on my deal while you’re here…? (:

Curious (when I see Accord posts)…why not get an Acura TLX instead? The incentives have been super high for sometime, and your cost will be lower, for example (and yes, you will need to adjust the mileage, etc.)

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Depends on ones appetite for risk but buying may be the better option. I paid 29k OTD for my 2018 1.5 Touring in October of 2018 and Carvana offered me 25.2k for it last week. If I had taken the offer that would have put my costs over lifetime of ownership at under 200 per month. You are basically buying the option to return it in three years if you get in an accident since that’s the only way the car won’t be worth more than RV.

Based on the MSRP that is a quote for a base TLX with the four cylinder engine. If OP was looking at 1.5 Accord sport it would be a good suggestion. But the car the OP is looking at has 45 more HP and 90 more LB-FT of torque. The TLX does has better seats and nicer materials but the infotainment system is very dated.

I actually got one of these TLXs as a loaner during a recall fix on my MDX. I’d take my Accord over it. The TLX has similar HP/torque numbers but the torque is all way up in the rev range. The Accord’s torque is available at a much more useable 1600 RPM.

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Understood! About that outdated info-system. I am the minority that doesn’t hate it…as I use Andriod Auto (which I love/integrated with voice command perfectly), so the 2nd screen doesn’t bother me at all. No issues with the engine, etc. for me. All in all, for $307/month @ 36/12k I am good to go.


@EC99 I saw another post on here about the Acura TLX and I did test drive one. It even surprised me that I liked the Accord better but I do.
Your comment on buying over leasing is interesting. I guess I hadn’t considered it…I thought one of the biggest benefits to leasing over buying was a lower payment so I hadn’t even considered it. Interestingly - a moderator on the 2020 Accord forums just told me new incentives will be out on Tuesday. The dealer told me July incentives ran through 8/31 but that may have been a pressure tactic.

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I bought mine. Honestly with an Accord lease vs buy comes down to rent charge vs finance charge and incentives.

Regarding the TLX, the 10g Accord is a far superior vehicle IMO. The TLX needs the j35, ELS and SH AWD to make a case and then you’re well over $40k. It’s a fine car it’s just nothing special. When I had a 4g TL 6MT I had a TLX V6 loaner for 10k miles and couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

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