Absolute lowest car lease

Hi guys,
My wife’s $49 Chevy Cruze lease comes to an end in January and she is starting to get concerned that there doesn’t seem to be any good $0 out of pocket car leases. She doesn’t want to spend more than $100-150 with absolutely nothing else down (all fees, taxes, everything rolled into the payment). She got spoiled by her Cruze lease and has been in sticker shock while searching around.

What is the cheapest car you can lease right now? She is not picky and actually thought the Cruze with no options was a really nice car so she is easily impressed. Thanks!

Look into the nissan sentra SV.

prob best to wait until December to shop, last minute effort by dealers to make annual sales numbers will prob help.

If you are in socal get the Chevy Bolt. It will be about $150 a month after rebates and Costco cash card and zero drive off. It will be effectively much less with the gas savings. Save more if do one pay lease, about $1400-$1500.

Care to share the $49 chevy cruz deal? Just so I can get a bit jealous…

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Prob this deal from 2015. https://leasehackr.com/blog/2015/11/25/epic-leftovers-part-2-lease-the-chevy-cruze-for-37month-0-down?rq=cruze

Thanks guys. I’m in NY btw. I guess we will see if anything comes out for black friday otherwise we will probably wait unti the end of the year sales. I will keep my eyes peeled in the meantime

I’d vote for the Chevy bolt. Saves gas costs and you can qualify for state and federal rebates to bring cost down.

That is freaking insane. They are practically giving you a free car for 2 years…

I have a $47 Malibu LT and although it only has 8000 miles on it. I don’t want to give it up. The disposition fee is like a year of payments lol.

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We got a $12 24/10k Cruze LT. Was a steal we’re extending the lease!


How do you extend the lease? I read that it wasn’t an option

I suspect that PhantomCypher was being humorous. If indeed the lease is extended it will go for a lot more than that.

I’ve read Lexus allows for lease extension I believe up to 6 months, not sure about other brands.
Edit : or maybe 3 months extension?

We’re waiting on the paperwork from Chevy for 6 months extension. Hopefully they keep the payment frozen or double it to $24 a month!

Lol. Don’t hate on the guy for wanting to keep a cheap deal. I don’t blame him, if the car suits their needs. I’d call about an extension, I’ve heard most manufacturers allow it, length of time varies.

Hey. I got one of those cheap chevy cruze deals in late 2015. Would love to get an extension. How did you go about requesting one?

@Phantomcypher Would love to hear how you go about doing this. I called and asked and they said they could offer a courtesy 2 month extension but that’s all. I would love to extend this even if at a slightly higher payment

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@Phantomcypher any update? can you please share the steps to request an extension?

He put in a special order for a Purple Corvette Z06, which will take 6 months to build. So they gave him a 6 month extension. He will cancel the order 1 day before delivery.