About to pull trigger - Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Touring L

Thanks as always for everyone’s feedback.

Looking at pulling the trigger and ordering the Pacifica Hybrid Touring L
(no options - $0 black color)
3 years
10k per year lease
Zip 90220.
9K In rebates ($7500 Feb $750 clean fuel $750 Chrysler)

Here is the quote I am planning to pull the trigger on. Before I do would love to get the teams feedback

The only thing that can be locked in is the sales price and the chrysler cash. Other terms will be those when the car arrives.
However acq fee is waived this month.

Is that invoice price?

I believe $500 over invoice.

I love my hybrid got it last year. At the beginning of the price raising schinanagans.

I dont have my numbers in front of me but from what i rememeber it was for a limited hybrid 53k msrp traded in a previous pacifica got 1k trade in, added 1k affiliate, Nj taxes, 36 month, 12k, paying $510 month and federal money was not added up front.

In todays market it seems like good numbers.

No comment on the deal, but wow - everything about that screengrab takes me back about 30 years to the MS-DOS era. :floppy_disk:


You can go to dax sheppard pod cast and get an affilate discount 1k.

Go to the show or the website? (Confused but I’ll take a $1 rebate in a heartbeat)

Website i beleieve

Why not use a broker for $500 and get 8% off msrp + $7500 rebate?

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I would do that in a heartbeat for 8% off msrp

Have a chat with @leasecompanion :sunglasses:

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I like where this is going

I believe the issue I found is I would lose or it would be the same as buying in state after:
Not getting ca only $750 clean fuel rebate
Paying for shipping $1500
Broker fee $500

If it was broker in CA for the broker fee becomes a no brainer


Those are shipped deals. Add $1.5k shipping plus 500 broker fee. Dealer fee in CA is 85 while outside CA i think is dealer is in the 800 range. Plus CA has the $750 clean cash, not sure if applicable if the car is bought outside.

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Can you clarify this

I believe there’s another broker that has AZ Dealer if that makes a difference. But not sure about the CA rebate out of state.

I would push for invoice or 1% below invoice if you have affiliate (the affiliate has a set price).

Have you confirmed that they won’t jack up the MF when it’s time to sign

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I believe this is the sign up link Chrysler Pacifica


Thanks for sending the affiliate link.