A220 not a bad car :)

A220 Brand new
MSRP - $45210
Tax Rate: 8.875%
Discount -$4413 (9.7%)
MF - .00086
RV - 59%
Cap fees/tax -$1660.37 rolled into payments
0 Cash down
$1643.88 = Aq fee 795/gas/ tire/inspect/first month
36 months 10,000
monthly lease payment 497.88
I know I know a 3,4,X3 Bimmer for around the same price or much cheaper but 2 days and I’m enjoying the car

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I think you already know people’s opinions, but who cares if you like it! Enjoy the car and don’t look back.

If you are enjoying the car, nothing else matters. Though that payment would get you nicely equipped C300, lower spec E300

lol as you can see I didn’t ask if it was a good deal

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Well to be fair this a forum where you’re supposed to post “good” deals


And why is that in Ask the Hackers? Moved.

But A-class is way ahead from a tech standpoint than a C-class. Not sure about driving characteristics.

More people should be like you. Post their deal and not ask for opinions AFTER leasing the car. I am glad you’re enjoying the car and happy with the ‘deal’ you got.


I would take a C class or a lower spec E class over an A class for the same payment, but it’s just me. YMMV

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I’d sooner take an i3.

OP, enjoy your car.

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People who bash these type of deals without seeing and experiencing the car are not considering the fact that every new generation improves quiet a bit… Every full redesign comes closer to one segment above in terms of quality and the ride. I would not be surprised if many people like the new A220 over the current C300. While I probably would not lease it at this price, I understand how people can be drawn to it.

But but the badge!


I just still don’t understand how people can be drawn to this car, given that it has absolutely no trunk space, and it’s a measly 188 HP. But whatever floats OP’s boat…


Because star power.

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Honestly have you driven the car? I got to test drive one and it doesn’t feel like 188 HP. The car actually feels pretty quick with tons of torque. Having the updated tech inside makes it feel cooler than the c300 for sure. I can see why people are drawn too it. Is it worth $500/month? Probably not but its a great little car for a $350-400 cost.


I could see paying the model’s number for it. :upside_down_face:


Congrats! Pretty good deal for the A220. My wife just got one, and I must say I’m impressed with the tech and interior. It’s an awesome car if you are not all about performance figures. It definitely does feel faster than 188hp.

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I’ll also chime on on some of the comments. I’m a former C300 owner and liked the car a lot. I’ve driven the A220 twice and would take it in a heartbeat for the same price as a discounted C300. The car has a ton of new tech and the interior looks incredible. The C300 looks like a 15 year old car to me when I step inside the same year A220 afterwards. I can see why people are wanting this car right now.

Once that same interior and tech is found on lots in the CLA, C300, etc you’ll see less interest in the A220 but I get it and don’t fault anyone for choosing this car over anything bigger and nicer from MB.

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See, all you had to do was wait a week or two and have trust in the LH ‘force’:

SoCal A220 lease

I’d be wary. OP is a fully loaded A220 and 36/10. That broker’s A220 is 36/7.5 and I’d bet it’s probably a base car with some options.

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