A Good EV Plugin Hybrid Sedan to lease?

I’m looking to lease an EV Plugin Hybrid Sedan. In NY.

  1. Any suggestions on the cars to look out? I checked out the Honda Clarity Plugin Hybrid but seems to be low on stock?
  2. The NY State and Federal EV rebates, how does it work? Do I get the refund or the leasing company gets it and passes on to me?
  3. Using for daily commute and weekend getaways.
  4. Something cheap preferred.

(This is my first lease, please help me out)

You don’t get the Federal rebate per se. Usually the manufacturer passes on most, or all of it in the form of an incentive. The NY state rebate is applied to the sale directly by the dealer. The deal must be completed at a participating NY state dealer by a NY State resident. The amount varies depending on the electric range of the car. Perhaps take a look at the Fusion Energi? People have had some decent luck getting good deals on those recently. The Volt (if you can still find it) is a tough one now because Chevy lost a good part of the Federal incentive when they hit a certain sales number. The Energi and Clarity I believe are still under that threshold.

Thanks! I’d like to lease a Clarity but it seems to be in less number locally. Does Honda pass on the federal rebate to the deal as incentives?

I’ll look into the Fusion and Clarity. Anything else I should know about? Also how about BMW?

Vote for 530e. Good residual for the type of car and surprisingly affordable so long as you don’t load it down with options!

I got one for $448/mo on a 36/15 with a $58K (62K before wheel credit) sticker.

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There are a few additional plugs that you can look at…not sure if all are available in your area.
Prius Prime
Hyundai Ioniq, Sonata
Kia Optima
Benz c350e
…and some others that are probably too pricey to consider. Biggest bang for the $ may be on ev rather than plugin hybrid…if you can make it work.

You may also want to consider financing on the clarity.
You would be eligible to receive the full 7500 federal credit.
Resale value for hondas is generally good and if you sell it in two years you could be looking at a net cost equal to less than $200 monthly, judging conservatively.
I believe there was an additional $6-7.5k from honda that expired earlier this week. Some dealers were passing it on, some not.
One dealer quoted me the full additional discount others quoted zero of it, so YMMV.
If that has been extended and you can find the right dealer you could conceivably make money on a two year ownership/financing.
Obviously your abilty to be able to take full advantage of the federal credit will depend on your specific yearly tax liabilities which is something you can verify with your accountant.

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Even on a PHEV? Because usually resale on these kinds of vehicles is beyond terrible and the average residual pretty much reflects that.

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I second that vote. I got a 530e a month ago for $446/mo + tax, $2500 DAS, 36/12 for a 56K MSRP vehicle. Of course, it is not as good of a deal as one Electric got. But, who can beat Electric! :slight_smile:

The car is just amazing. I just wish the car had a little longer range. But, I use up the battery completely by the time I get home from work. So, it works well enough. I am getting almost 50 mpg for the driving that I am doing. The other plus is I can just plug into 110v with no charger overnight and take advantage of $0.09/kwh super off-peak rate. Six to 7 hours of charging is enough to top it up for each day.

Good luck!

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New to the jargon, what is the 530e?

PHEV version of the 530i.

Ditto on the 530e!

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The 530e has a great lease…too bad its ev range is fricking terrible. OP will need to consider what is the primary purpose of this car. If it’s to run on ev…good luck with that, if it’s to save some $ then there are better options, it he wants a premium phev sedan then there is no better choice at this time.

Electric, what you expect as residuals when you have fed and states credits hanging over them? Of course the residuals will reflect the free money.

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Looking for a commuter car, and not to run on EV alone. Just looking for something hybrid/EV and a cheap lease.

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I’m looking into this as well. Best Plugin hybrid right now are Prius Prime and Hyundai Ioniq PHEV.

But their lease numbers are not great. Last month was better for Prius Prime due to DP matching but it’s gone starting today.

I’m gonna wait until last quarter to get the best deals on 2019 cars.

Any specific reason as to why those two cars as the best?

How about the Ford Fusion Energi or Honda Clarity?

We should keep in touch if you come across anything.

I like Clarity but too expensive for what I need. I dont like Ford… :wink:

We are on the same page! :smiley: Clarity is real nice but seemed expensive. Have you looked at Hyundai or Kia as well?

Right now, I’m leasing Hyundai Ioniq Electric. Its unlimited mileage and all inclusive lease…Hyundai even pay me cost of charging.

However, I want to replace it with PHEV. All electric range is 126 miles and I am having range anxiety so I dont take it long distance.

That’s a pretty good lease to be honest. Does Hyundai give the same benefits for the PHEV? But yeah 126 is bit low for long drives.

There’s a contrast brewing here. Best PHEV’s to lease vs Best PHEV’s, period. Due to piss poor residuals most of the “Best PHEV” lease very poorly but might be a good purchase.

Meanwhile one that has a fairly high residual and has great incentives currently may not be class leading but you certainly get the best bang for your buck. (Seriously, the G30 5 is an awesome car on its own and in PHEV form is even better)

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