$600 stimulus starting to come in

Will the insane VROOM and ZOOM deals of July start anew?
  • Used car prices will be as insane as last Summer
  • No change to used car market
  • Small change in used car market
  • Used car market will tank, pandemic is getting worse

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time to lock in that 330i loaner


Over/under on how many posts before it gets political?


$600 is nice, but I don’t see it having a noticeable affect on anything. Most people who have not worked or had their income reduced will just use it to pay bills. If it was $2000+, I could see a small jump in the market but $600 is just keeping most Americans afloat at this point.


Doesnt need to get political every american should feel the same way.

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brb I’m off to the yacht store to put $600 down on a yacht

now just need a third stimulus so i have down payment for an ocean front home


3rd one is coming sooner than you think! Haha

I am thinking about the couple that is still working, makes 150k a year and gets 1200 stimulus drop in their account. I am pretty sure someone’s going to be itching to get into that truck/coupe/mommy SUV they have been eyeing for a while…

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Where do we place our bets with the stimulus we didn’t receive?

50 posts for slow mode
I say it gets to 100 but not 125 before it’s closed

And I don’t care if I lose it all, but we haven’t had a “3 different people closed the same thread” in a while, so I think this is as good as any.



If you did not receive the stimulus, it’s because you made > 150k. Congrats, you get to pay for the stimmy…

*in 2019


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Quick tax programming note: If you made > 150k in 2019 but less than that in 2020, you will actually get the “stimulus” when you file …

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You can collect the stimulus as a tax credit on 2020 taxes though based off your 2020 income though, correct?


And for double that, you can almost buy my rusty minivan.

This is all going into $WMT and $AMZN.

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Maybe for you, but not if the Robin Hooders have anything to say about it.

By next week there should also be a new analysis of how many $600 BTC purchases were made.


Brb getting my 300~ Camaro :running_man:


I would love to see an LT1 in the trophy garage with a “STIMMY” vanity plate.


Oh i meant sales for them, not stocks.

Otherwise it would be $TSLA naked long calls.

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Please get that plate and let us know how many whistles you get from men.

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With 3 kids under 17 and a stay at home spouse, this new round would net me $3k total if I qualified. Not bad for a family of 5 on the 2nd stimulus check. Vacation money right there.

And I already got my stimulus package LT1

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