$50k Markup on Mercedes EQS 580

Looked to be slightly better than Tesla, but not much. A 2003 Hyundai has better interior quality than a Tesla. Lucid and Tesla pare in comparison to Lexus, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes with regards to interior quality.

The fact that people are willing to spend $70k+ for a car with a garbage interior is nuts to me.


I was just quoted a $5k markup on a $28k Hyundai Ioniq PHEV. A $50k markup on the Merc almost seems reasonable after that :rofl:

So for $70k, what non-Tesla luxury EV would you recommend?

A Polestar 2

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IDK where you come up with this nonsense. But I guess haters gonna hate.

Totally forgot about Polestar. The only downside (from researching) is the 270 mile range.

If the Audi A6 etron becomes a reality in 2023, it could be at top of my list for luxury EVs.

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Slightly off-topic question: If one reserves a vehicle that is in limited supply, can one flip that reservation for a profit i.e. reserve a EQS and flip the reservation itself or is this completely unrealistic?

Plastic seats that melt in hot weather, cheap plastic galore, questionable material durability, etc.

At least a 2003 Hyundai had decent leather seating available. A 2007 Sonata would have been a better comparison

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Varies by brand/dealer

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It’s generally frowned upon by the manufacturer and they can opt to cancel and blacklist you from buying if they find out.

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This sounds like a Porsche thing.


I think Ford did it too.

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Range Rover, too, I think.


Audi eTron, Polestar, Bmw i40 or ix

Appreciate your suggestions. I am not a big fan of SUVs, so the etron and BMW IX won’t be on my list.

I ordered the 450 a while back. I c my order and got S500. Those are going at MSRP. Dealer through in Dupont protection for the interior which was nice.

Reason I canceled my order is most 450s are being shipped without the Hyperscreen. Mercedes doesn’t have the parts. If you’re in the market for this car honestly that’s the biggest sales point. The markup on the 580s is because they’re being shipped with the hyper screen. Starting next month you’ll see a lot of 580s at the dealership.

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That’s 100 percent spot on. So many plaid + around me with 600-2k miles. I’m assuming the same outcome when the roadster Tesla comes up.

Im curious to see what markups dealers/brokers have seen actually being paid on cars.
Personally, I’ve seen people (family) follow through and pay $30k markups on G wagons.

How about $125k mark up? I posted a picture in some 4xe thread. Dunno if anyone pays it, though.