$50k Markup on Mercedes EQS 580

One person’s 30k over is someone else’s 120k I guess.

G63 is not G550 also.

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I wouldn’t pay 10% off list for that monstrosity.

I saw my first one in person today, and I have to agree. I did not really find it striking, or avant-garde in any particular visual way.

I had sort of the opposite reaction. I think it’s epically ugly in photos, but, when I saw one last wk in-person for the first time, I did find it striking (but not attractive). It’s VERY long, and so the overall height is hidden well, and the dramatically plunging windshield actually makes the shortened hood look good.

In pics, I think it looks like a gigantic economy car. In real life, I thought it looked garish but expensive. I think it, sadly, looks much more interesting and futuristic than an S-Class, which is totally anonymous and yet still somehow cartoon-y looking.