$50k Markup on Mercedes EQS 580

That would have been a crazy amount to pay over MSRP for an unproven luxury EV.

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"A Twitter user who reserved an EQS 580 was told his vehicle was ready for collection. But before he had a chance to take delivery, the dealership informed him about a $50,000 markup on top of the $119,110 starting price. The EQS is a great car, but we don’t think it’s worth paying roughly 40% over MSRP.

Rather than pay this exorbitant fee, Jon Rettinger passed on the car and ordered a Lucid Air instead."

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I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t even want one at sticker. I don’t think it’s a particularly good looking car, nor are the tech or features crazy good or advanced in any way.

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Some jerkass YouTuber will pay that and make it back in a few videos.


Agreed. If I were shopping for a luxury EV and had a $100k budget, I would also have gotten a Lucid Air.


I’d probably go i4 M50, and save the extra coin.


BMW couldn’t get at least 300 miles of range from those batteries?

I wouldn’t be surprised if dealers add a markup.

No markup.

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How do lease numbers look on one these? If I were to guess, I would say in the $800 monthly range.

Stopped into the Lucid gallery in Tysons Corner (no clue what their terminology is) to check out the Air and wasn’t impressed at all. Interior quality was lacking and the plastic looked like garbage. Toyota can make a nicer interior IMHO


Not sure if $7,500 will pass through just yet but if it does then should look like this.

When I last looked, the lease was like 36/7.5K. Approx $9000 DAS and like 1400/mo.

Don’t remember the specifics. Don’t think it was for something highly optioned

Appreciate the link.

Add 2% to RV for e40.

No known loyalty money as of last playbook.

I’m working with multiple dealers under MSRP on a EQS 450 plus the $7500 rebate.

The EQS 580 is another story entirely.


Neither is worth a markup. :slightly_smiling_face:

Stack Loyalty, OL code and Penfed rebate in there :wink:

Maybe BMW dealers might “loan” these out too… :hugs:

Actually wasn’t aware these are available now. You have some inventory?


I am yet to see one in person. Hoping to check out the Boston gallery at some point this year.
How does quality and finish compare to Tesla?