4th of July deals

Given that the day is almost upon us I thought it might be useful to share genuine 4th July deals here.
This is only for additional savings or rebates and not deals that just happen to be good this month. I know I am interested if there are any additional rebates/incentives from Hyundai and Dodge to name but a few.

Kia has the following which is pretty limited.

Being a newcomer to this great nation, I am not sure when the deals for the 4th are usually announced.


thanks to @vhooloo for this one

I think the extra $500 is only for purchase.

Saw this for the Civic ($109/mo) and Accord ($119/mo) -> https://www.hamiltonhonda.net/newspecials.aspx


All these good looking deals and my trade in is still at the dealer getting stuff fixed :frowning:

The math on on the accord is incorrect. It states total payments 2,646 but 119*27 = 3,213. but based on total it is 98 a month. that would be a fabulous deal.
does that mean with this 27 month lease only 20k miles?
Plus wheel locks

No, you get the fractional percentage of 10,000 miles for the additional three months over 24 months. So, you get 22,500 miles for the duration of the lease. Seems like a solid deal overall at $119. I might see if they can do $170 sign and drive for 12k miles on the Accord

I just called them. The total payments per the add do not match the 119. Seems like a terrific deal on base cars.
The civic numbers add up properly. Tax, total payments, dmv, bank fee etc.

I need to find out about the 15k miles change if possible.

The Civic number looks great. Anyone seen anything close in the Chicagoland area?


This is in Denver. Other honda dealers in the area are way higher. On the accord and fit they hit the 1% or better, and on the odessey sign and drive. Work them down a bit.

I’m guessing that $119 was the correct number? $98 would be amazingly low

And one Nissan dealer with good starting points on titan and fronteir

I am assuming if you went in today for Month end, they could give you $99 deal …
Valid only on base model + wheel locks and fees are of course extra … Drive off would probably be 2k

I got the information for drive offs in email. See below picture


That’s a rip-roaring deal on the Accord. perfect for first time car-leasers, college grads etc etc …
Great job to @Ed_Churchward and @doomtoall81 for posting :heart:

Actually credit goes to @getyourbiglobster with an assist by me.

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Let’s see if anyone is actually able to land one of these deals. The Honda deals expire tomorrow. Some 4th of July deal that doesn’t even extend into July :-).

I forgot to mention that the rep told me these deals expire July 4th.

How do I get a norcal dealer to come close to some of these ? I see the 4th of july specials for a base accord at 999 signoff and 249/mo

first post…

I am also interested in norcal deal for the same car.