$499/month 2023 Infiniti QX80 - Luxe 1st month+MSD

I was looking for a nice Pathfinder Platinum deal, but Nissan dropped the residuals for March. Went to check out the QX60 and ended up getting a QX80 instead for the price of a Pathfinder, terrific deal IMO.

MSRP: $74,200
Discount: $10,000 ($8k discount + $2k dealer cash)
Tax Credits: ~$4k
Residual: 84%
MF: .00240 (down from .00330)
MSDs: $4500
Cash down: $6
Monthly payment $499

Payment was a couple cents over $500, put $6 down to keep it under so the MSD didn’t round up to $550


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Well done! I’m looking to get into a QX80 real soon… I need to start hacking :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Can you update the post with correct location and tags? Clearly, this isn’t a BMW and you didn’t buy it from SoCal, NY and CT. Also, what’s the ~$4k tax credits?


Probably Texas

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I’m glad you clarified. I was just about to give Gavin Newsom a call on his home phone to find out where our California tax credits are. But am I the only one still looking for the lease term and mileage?


That clown is probably still on vacation

Lease term is probably 36/10


its 18/10 based on the residual he stated

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Congrats! Post pics :slight_smile:

Dare I say the QX80 might be this month’s lease mania? I’m calculating an LH score of 16+ if you can get a dealer down to residual+$100 which is about 16% off. OP got 13.5% off.

My local dealer has 20 on the lot with full pictures, so i have to imagine closer to months end they’ll be ready to dump these.

LH score even higher if you can combine with one pay like NMAC. EDIT: nvm, edmunds says no 18mo one pay for infiniti


Have a damn gas station ready for this tho


Yep, I had one as a rental and I think I got 15-16mpg on the highway. And it’s not like it glued me to the back of the seat when i stepped on it. Was an extremely comfy car tho

Imagine they did one pays +MSDS… :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

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These have been leasing well for several months now. C’mon guys. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

FWIW - their fiscal year obviously ends this month. This should/could be the prime picking, if you’re looking for an Infiniti (yes, with an “I” for those of you in the back) or Nissan.

UI is buggy, was looking for the right tags and it just kept selecting random stuff

Yes it was Texas, sorry

Yeaup, taking into account the $4,000 I got in tax credits I think I’m ahead of most deals lol

The minimum term you can do one pay on is 24 months with Infiniti

This isn’t true. They offer 18 on the QX80 only.

I updated the tags to reflect the correct state and make of the vehicle.

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