48 months lease


Hi hackers,

dealer offered 48 m lease, obviously warranty (36 m provided) question is a concern. How much it could cost to cover additional 12 months? Is it worth it?

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It’s worth it

Pay the man




Depends on the car. Toyota? I’d take that gamble. Merc, BMW, Porsche? Do not pass go, do not collect $200…

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Dealer offering a 48 month lease on a product with a 36 month warranty sounds very FCA-ish to me.


The mystery car…my favorite :crystal_ball::mage:


Please read up where many of us have opined numerous times about what a bad idea a 48-month lease is and why.

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Or Volkswagen.

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To me, if the thing is out of warranty, there’s no point in leasing. Part of the notion is avoiding things like repairs.

Leasing is done to minimize exposure to unknowns, such as tanking residual values and out-of-warranty repairs.


And then they ghost the post :ghost:

Thanks to everyone, It’s clear now that it’s better to avoid it.