#362 2020 M8s On The Ground Sitting...Where Are The Fire Sales?


53% for 10K
.00082 as BMW is the same across the board
No lease cash
3K loyalty

Flagship varies based on trim and edition.


You could just as easily look at a brokers spreadsheet and calculators.

Within 30 seconds I found 4 calculators with all of this information aside from Flagship.

LH can be as quick as you like with very little effort.


Now can you find out where my kids put the tv remote? It’s been gone for a few days now


Thanks, was being lazy and rushing to make a decision. Don’t want to swap out my CS summer wheels for winters tomorrow if I plan to unload for an M8 LOL
Flag monies are the big question, and if one can combine Flag with First edition monies

There’s 22 launch cars available nationwide. 9 are on stop sale.


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It depends on the car. Some of the non-launch ones are better deals, like the CV I have, since the discount isn’t much different and the MSRP is $10k lower.

Also note that I listed these without a ton of cash at signing and without MSDs.

Around March or April when they are about to stop lease support you will see them at 23 to 26% off depending on MSRP. Should get you to around $999 a month with very minimal drive off.

Ask Alexa?

Bet your next broker fee that doesn’t happen.

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harp music


Dealers will be begging to get rid of cars! Covid-19 sale!


14% on a 3 series 4990 mile loaner, take it or leave it.

4,999 actually. :upside_down_face:

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Make it an even 5,000 and you’re in the can Chris :slight_smile: .

(I’m using Chris cause I like how it sounds, if it’s Ashleigh, same sentiment)

Now it’s 12% with full markup.

I got a kick seeing the old posts of people complaining that dealers were out of their minds when they were NOT doing any fire sales :joy:

Didn’t they know there was a pandemic and no one was buying cars? :joy:

Nope, I’m over here now!

11% off NEW 330is with base MF. Please feel free to direct people to my thread where I’ve been literally blowing out cars and crickets.

Resurgence of bad news and lots of uncertainty :frowning: the CA shelter-in-place order again doesn’t help :frowning:

Damn and blast I’ll just steal your M3P :confused:

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That doesn’t really make sense when a broker could easily help someone’s deal or someone is asking about a broker, but okay.

It’s not that - other people are getting hits on the same models and for the same or worse deals or without the inventory.

Plus, even though I sell a lot to California, I’m east-coast-based, so the CA shelter-in-place doesn’t affect my business that much.

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So. Back to M8’s.

Don’t expect fire sales on a fast diminishing supply. 2021 also won’t be nearly as plentiful for these.

Flagship on ‘21 is :wastebasket: comparably as it is.