36 vs 42 month lease on bmw


Folks, any disadvantage in leasing an X3 for 42 months instead of 36 months ?. The payment seems lower but not sure of the disadvantages. Thanks in advance

Your free maintenance will end after 36 months.


Some states, you’re paying full registration costs for the year.

Also monthly may be cheaper, but because of RV/MF, you may be paying more. BMW’s sweet spot is 36-mths usually.


So what’s the problem there? Do your 3/36 service and drive for another 6 mos. Next one is not due until 4/48. Even then if you defer each scheduled service by a week or a couple of weeks you can make it to 48 mos if need be. Common setup on BMW demos/fart/brass hat cars.

Real issue is finding a 42 mos BMW FS lease and making it work. And, yes, DMV in states like CA is not helping those tweener terms.

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The only thing better than paying CA $500+ for one year’s registration is paying them $500+ for a few months.

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