35k Model 3 is finally here!



To be clear, the Tesla model 3 is not 35k, this vehicle is $36,200. The mandatory destination fee is not included in the $35,000 marketing price.


Good point, but I don’t think any other manufacturer markets their cars’ prices with destination fee either.


I doubt it will take them that long to get the Y out. With the 3 they had issues as the car was built from scratch…my understanding is the Y will share the 3 platform and many other components so the build should go alot faster. They also know they cannot do what they did with the 3 again.
Anyway, if you wanna lose some money i will gladly bet you on it…it will be my pleasure to take money from a Tesla hater. Let me know.


Agreed. I can see the MY being available for order now, for delivery within the next 6 months, and if not that quickly for deliveries, then definitely this year. This should not be like what happened with the MX and M3. Both were completely new designs from the ground up.


I’m not a Tesla hater…I like the S, not crazy about the 3 or the X. I’m not a Musk devotee/crazed fan though. 99% of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is BS to get the investor cash flowing. His timelines are almost never accurate, and the latest flub being last year at end of Q3, he states they will have a profit from each quarter forward…now backtracking to say Q1 this year wont, and Q2 might not.


He gets his crazy wish for Tesla lineup: S3XY


I ordered a new MX before the price drop, there is a big fiasco with the pricing now. I might get lucky and get both upgrades for free or I can be unlucky and get none of them.


I’m pretty sure Ford will not receive a Christmas card this year from Tesla…


You sure fooled me with your anti ev rhetoric and Musk photo selection. Give the poor guy a break, he can’t even smoke a joint the right way. When i saw the actual video i could not believe that he never smoked before…obviously he needed instructions.
About the so called bs…at my company, during manager meetings, we often talk about the think big philosophy. There is a reason Trump can’t get “yuge” out of his mouth. The basic idea is to overshoot your projections and create a positive atmosphere in order to meet or beat your goals. I’m a realist, a numbers guy, and i’m not 100% a fan of this approach but it does seem to work in some work environments.


Tesla is absolutely taking an “unconventional” path, but I think there are going to be major repercussions in the auto industry/dealership model if they can pull it off.

The biggest factor is the margins. On a $35,000 MSRP car, most automakers have to factor in about $2000 for dealer profit into that price.

Another cost where Tesla will have an advantage (over time, as they improve their quality) is warranty repairs. Automakers are required by law in most states to pay dealers a pretty high markup on both parts and labor for warranty repair work, which adds to the cost of a new car.

Given Tesla doesn’t have these added costs, are traditional automakers going to be able to compete — especially on lower priced/mass market vehicles?
It’s going to be very interesting.


Idk where you get I’m anti EV. I said it before and I’ll say it again…CA has the infrastructure to make Evs viable to many more people than Boise, ID. The infrastructure isn’t nearly as robust outside CA.

What I am anti is EV drivers who try to convince everyone driving a gas vehicle that EVs are the only thing you should be looking at. There are several reasons I’m not ready to switch to an EV personally. That doesn’t make me Anti EV.


I like the idea of EVs, but I agree with you… lack of infrastructure, nascent technology, and just nothing that really fits my needs is keeping me away from it. That and they’re just stupid expensive for now…

I’ll give it a few More years.


You purposely compare a Tesla purchase to a unicorn BMW lease to make your gas money point…then you say that we ev drivers are pushing these cars “down everyone else’s throats”. I thought it was obvious why i called you out.

Don’t get me wrong, i do agree they are not for everyone and absolutely agree with you on infrastructure (even though i only once charged outside of my garage). With that said, between my wife and i, we drive about 20k miles each year out of which only about 2k are on gas. There is no way you can get a similarly optioned gas Golf for $116/mo net or a Honda the size of the Clarity for $228/mo net so the point about these cars being more expensive is kind of bs at least in Ca. These monthlies get even better with gas savings so for people in Ca that want to save money commuting to work they really need to take a closer look. There is a reason Ca is at 10% ev sales…and growing.


I like how we shove things down everyone’s throat. What about all the extra CO2 emission that is getting jammed down my lungs.


Yeah, for me personally, I want other people to be the guinea pigs b/f I take the plunge. ;). Sort of like Betamax vs. VHS… I’ll wait until the dust settles.

Well, isn’t this part of the problem? Is there strong evidence to indicate that they ARE improving their quality? Making a profit on a cheaper car is very tough…


So all this Tesla talk…my question is:

Does anyone here own tesla stock?

If so what’s your price target?


$420 …:slight_smile: Joking aside, I bought Tesla stock because I wanted to gamble. Any individual stock purchase is akin to gambling to me as for average individual investor there are so many unknowns and even for an expert so many variables that can go the other way.


I may very well be getting too far off topic, but given we’ve had extensive debate about selling solar electricity to the grid here, this is still sort of within the topic area-ish…… I also think one of Tesla’s more interesting innovations is moving to online sales only.

I know it’s hardly a new concept, but I think this is where the market is going, no matter how hard dealerships push back against it via their existing ridiculous laws.

As millennials age and eventually decide to buy a car, being able to avoid a dealership all together is appealing . It’s a shame other manufacturers haven’t been able to make it work yet cough Care by Volvo cough

with Tesla moving to entirely online sales only, it’ll be interesting to see how and if, this shakes things up a bit.


True that (says the person who bought AMZN at $170… and then sold at $240)…


Why would you want the opinion of people (whose track record) you don’t know when it comes to picking stocks?