35k Model 3 is finally here!



Now that it is really here…this changes everything in the EV space. I can see many car makers preparing their own EV feeling very uneasy about this…


Not sure how much of a game-changer this is…one could have bought a higher MSRP 3 with a higher tax credit, net net it wasn’t all that much more


Sure, but tax credit spread is only $3,750 and the base price was a lot higher before, even for exactly same configuration. For example, new mid range price is $40k, yesterday it was $42.9k. If you bought longer range last year, it was $49k starting price - today it’s $43k. So net net is quite a bit now, and not everyone needed 310 mile long range for higher $$$.

At 35k, Model 3 now undercuts Bolt LT (before dealer discount) and other upcoming EVs with similar range - Nio EV, Kona EV… and it is now within reach for a lot more people. It’s going to be very interesting…


Very bad news for the other manufacturers trying to make up the zev credits in CA. Now every one of these entry evs that are over or at $30k need to drop in price in order to even be considered. I must admit I did not expect to see it this soon. For my zip it will cost $31755 after tax and credits…I’m putting off getting another eGolf…sorry VW, you need to do better.


Same here , total cost to own a Tesla 3 is comparable or better than all others Ev’s in its class. They have to either strive to be better or cheaper.


I don’t think this changes anything. I think that price that’s listed includes the gas savings (so it’s not the real price your pay and is totally disingenuous on Tesla’s part).

My own opinion is that people who put more of their income toward a car purchase (even if the absolute amount isn’t “that” high) are way more picky about what they get. People who are upgrading from Camrys and Accords aren’t going to be okay w/ the fit, finish, or operating quirks of a Tesla.

But we shall see what happens…


The price i posted just under $32k is the real net price before any gas savings. The gas savings they post on their web are way under what my savings would be due to my pv so that will vary for each individual, for some less for others more. The base line is you have to be dumb not to realize any gas savings and have the car for a net under $30k. What you say about fit and finish is bolony…every single one i have seen lately was just fine.


B/c you’ve seen every $35000 Model 3?


I think we can prepare for some great long range EV deals (namely Bolt and Leaf), the $200/month EV cars will be back soon. How is Nissan going to sell their Leaf for $35K when Tesla is selling the same range for same price. Bolt is going to get some incentives to help push the unit, the lack of full $7500 tax credit is going to hurt them. Since they won’t be able to compete in price, they will just drop huge leased incentives like they did in the past. Not everyone can afford a $35K car.

Hyundai and Kia missed their chance, now they have to be priced way less in order to compete.

The other companies don’t even have any 200+ miles car, they are going to be the niche player for the next year or two. I excluded the “luxury” car maker as their buyers are less price sensitive.

There are only several cars that are rated for over 200 miles.

Hyundai/Kia EV
Leaf 60kwh
Jag I-Pace

Let’s see if we can get the $0 DAS <$199 cars again


FYI there is not many service centers for Tesla, Most are back logged although most provide model S loner
through enterprise for free.


Can this post be locked? We need RV, MF, MSRP and SP to decide if the 35k model is a game changer…
OP please follow the rules …

Just kidding. I am also excited by 35k model - 3.75 k Fed reabte - 2.5k State rebate…


Whilst the other wannabe EV big shots (VW group, BMW) may not have as good a name recognition and creds in EV, they have several tools in their bag to overcome Tesla:
a) Great leasing and financing capabilities [ 350 a month lease can look more attractive on paper and to many people than a 35k purchase]
b) Service network/capabilities, which Tesla is lousy at

Ideally Tesla becomes a wholly owned but independent subsidiary of BMW?


I would much rather lease a Tesla than own it for six years

Any idea when leasing starts for the model 3


Agreed - it is time for i3, Leaf and Bolt to go to a sub 199-a-month lease just to even stay alive …


BMW and Tesla have roughly the same $55B market cap :slight_smile:


Yep, my thoughts exactly. Good luck selling fwd, torsion beam rear axle, economy hatchbacks when there is a rwd, fully independent suspension alternative that is styled like a compact sport sedan and goes like one. Not to mention the 15 inch screen, over the air updates, Model S loaners etc. Nissan, Kia/Hyundai, GM, and all other EV hopefuls are now put in a very difficult situation considering their currently available models and pricing.

BMW deserves a special mention here. i3S has a range of 153 miles, does 0-60 in 6.8 seconds, and listed at $47,650. LR RWD Model 3 has 325 miles of range, does 0-60 in 5 seconds, and listed at $43k. To move any i3 BEV off the lot, there should be very large discounts and incentives…


I am not a corporate merger consultant but you know that there have been mergers where the smaller cap company bought a larger cap out [hint debt, leverage etc ]…

I actually would see BMW and Tesla as a merger of equals with Musk being Co-CEO lol …


That is actually what’s holding me back the most. This new price point finally puts it in my budget, but having read the horror stories of what happens if you get in an accident and there’s no parts available to repair, cars have been sitting in the shop for 3-4 months waiting on parts with no ETA.


When tesla sent out a update last week, Mine got stuck ,It got towed to Tesla monday and no ETA.
but I do like my loaner Model S


Thankfully they are just building a Tesla service center on my way to work so I consider myself covered if I end up with a Model 3 :slight_smile: