35k Model 3 is finally here!



Funny since you are the one missing simple concepts. You admit you could otherwise sell your electricity, yet you think it is free when you use it rather than sell it. Additionally, ROI means return on investment. Solar is not an investment because it is a depreciating asset. Thirdly, you must drive ALOT because I can drive a regular Golf 12k miles for less than $1k in fuel. And even if you are saving $1k in fuel, that does not yet explain how the eGolf costs just $17/mo. Is your payment really $100/mo with $0 DAS? Cause that would be awesome.


What the hell are you talking about. If you don’t have solar, you would be paying electricity every month. With solar, you will pay a huge cost up front, but your electricity bill also goes down as the solar can offset your usage or you can sell it back to the electric company. The solar panel system is a depreciating asset, but you are generating power to offset your bill. Is it that difficult to figure it out?

My 2kw system cost $10k before tax credit, my electric bill is $125 a month now instead of $250. I am 5 years into the system, I have at least another 5 years of use on it.


Ladies, please. Why fight? My electric bill is $60 a month without solar. Natural gas heating extra $100 in the winter months. I fuel up my fuel inefficient vehicles every three weeks. I simply win.


Who are you replying to? I can’t figure out which side you are arguing for, to be honest. You seem to be agreeing with everything I’m saying, but you used my comment about depreciating asset as if you disagree. Ya lost me.


A depreciating asset is your car…you dump money on it and never see it again. Not the same with a pv system by a long shot. The pv gives your money back and then some. If that’s a depreciating asset then tell me where i can find more of these

XxHaimBondxXe, I hear that you can fill up only once a year if you don’t use the car at all…try it. Unfortunately some of us actually have to drive.


$116…and if you look back on this web you will see even better deals than mine.


The system depreciates over time in terms of its book value, but you are getting energy production from them even if it has no net book value. That’s the beauty of the system. It’s completely wrong to say it is a money pit if you have it sized correctly.


Not according to the IRS, but they definitely provide value even after the system is completely depreciated. I believe Sunpower guarantees 80% output after 10 years on their latest system.


#MAGA? :slight_smile:


Yeah, and so tired of it.


If anybody said that, I must have missed it because I’d certainly argue otherwise.

What something provides you does not change whether or not it depreciates. You get value from your vehicle as well, as opposed to hiring taxis, but that still does not make it an investment. And it most certainly doesn’t make your car, nor even the miles you get from it, “free.” At some point, my solar unit will be worthless, and I will have gotten a great deal of use out of it, but every kwh I get out of it will have cost me something. Less than from the grid, to be sure, but never free.


That’s why I said by definition it is a depreciating asset. They start out with X amount of value, you slowly depreciate it over a fixed amount of years. While you are hit with a depreciating expense, but you actually get to offset some of that with your decrease in electricity bill. As an added bonus, most system can generate power even if your net book value is zero on them.

From a cash perspective, you are going to pay the utility company or the solar company no matter how you look at it. All you can ask for is a ROI of less than the lifespan of the panels.


Sorry if this has been asked here before. Can the Tesla 3 be leased?


Should be able to very soon, if you go to build one on the web site it still only has cash option.
check it daily and one day it will say lease.


Model Y (cross over) unveil is 3/14…


…and add 18 months to Musk’s provided build and ship estimate.


In Musk we trust - funding secured!


Looks like Tesla made some serious price drops to the higher end S and X Models particularly in the EMEA and China markets.

Looks like a lot of performance and long range owners aren’t happy.

And some stores are apparently already starting to close in the next few days.



I wish the trusted hackers would follow suit and chill out lol … Some have been really uptight recently …