35k Model 3 is finally here!



You lost me. Are you saying that EV range improvements are greater than mpg improvements from ICE vehicles? And, from there, saying there’s no need to jump on the EV bandwagon until they become as “mature” as the ICE vehicles? Or, were you saying that EV vehicles will continue to improve (and they are very much in the same range as conventional ICE vehicles) so any further improvements of EV range will make them even more desirable, because the only ways to improve ICE vehicle range is by improving mpg (which is getting close to being maxed out) or by adding larger gas tanks? Or, is it Friday afternoon, we should just get off this merry go round for now? :slight_smile:


Tesla 3 is clearly a better car than competitors in its class. If the jump on insurance cost is reasonable ( i heard its more but didnt check yet) , that will be my next car before 6/30 incentive deadline. Albeit leasing not an option, I bet cost to own over 3-4 years will be comparable to a leasing a non-tesla now.


What?! You are cheap and don’t drive ev?!
My net cost after gas savings for my eGolf is $17/mo. I think you are misinformed.


I cant believe there is a competition on who’s cheaper. Wonder what the women say when you guys walk away from the table.


He doesn’t live in California who subsidizes the hell out of EVs, and didn’t spend 25k to have solar panels installed on his roof. Gas is probably a buck or so a gallon cheaper for him too.


Or maybe he has an oil pump in his back yard…i was just trying to point out how little people know about evs in general. The people i talk to here in SoCal are just as clueless. Sometimes i wonder if i should just keep this to myself and ride the gravy train into infinity.


About that jump on insurance…you need to check with Farmers…in my case the rates dropped because the 2 cars i have are evs. They actually have a discount for that in Ca.


It’s not going to last forever. As electric cars increase in popularity, so too will rising electric costs. Taxes will change as Evs aren’t paying gas tax currently. I can see eventually going to a per mile driven tax with your registration renewal eventually. Not everyone can afford the outlay or is in a locale that is suitable for solar power either. Sure, there’s a ROI in the end, but it’s not a cheap upstart either. Not everyone’s power company cuts them a break after 11 pm.

Cheap gas in most of the states also makes it less appealing at the moment. When gas spikes again, that’s a different story. Why buy a 700/mo Tesla, as an example, which has no lease support when you can drive a 250/mo BMW and put 500/mo in gas in it (which is way more than most would do).

I get the fact that you guys in CA are goo goo over Electrics, and I mean no disrespect here, but I don’t understand why they are thrown down everyone else’s throats as must haves, when they may not check the boxes for that individual?

@joeblogs is a former car salesman. He knows cars.


Some states already have ev taxes on registration…Ca will follow next year…it’s the law!
Your Tesla - BMW cost example is ridiculous…

There you go! Finally we see the ev paranoia which i suspected you of.


I’m not paranoid over EVs. You don’t know me, and know nothing about me to make an assumption like that. I have no issue with them. There isn’t a single EV on the market today that appeals to me though. They either look ugly to me, or cost way too much.

If my personal opinion of styling makes me paranoid of EVs, I guess I’m paranoid.


Tell me about it… My registration renewal for 2017 i3 is a whopping $497…


Thanks for the advice… Coincidentally a farmers broker has been bugging me to switch to them from Geico.


I bet a lot of households spend over $1,000 per month across two cars without even realizing it:

  1. The car itself (lease payment, or depreciation on the ones they own)
  2. Fuel
  3. Insurance
  4. Govt

If you can cut costs on one (even if it’s an ugly EV) that leaves a lot more money to have fun with the other…


my wife never complains I spend less money on cars, maybe yours is different lol


I drive a fairly “loaded” 320i xDrive for $234/mo, i spend around $100 a month on gas and i have car capable of doing things an EV can’t, plus i can’t get any of these unicorn deals on EV’s that you all have. I actually would have leased another Jetta but the payment was as much as the BMW, i do miss the mpg’s from the 1.4, but the BMW is ten times nicer as far as drive, performance, interior, noise etc. than the Jetta(2016 model)


I need to see this calculation. Solar panels (which I have) do not make the electricity free. A 70-mile roundtrip commute would cost me $3.20 (16 cents/kwh) in the eGolf vs $5.72 in a gasoline Golf. That’s $53 savings per month, at least for me.


You have a fairly low payment (assuming that includes the down) but that’s not the norm especially with BMW. Congrats!
BTW, my evs are capable of doing things a gas car can’t…it goes both ways.

I’ll say this again so there’s no confusion…
No car (ev or gas) is for everyone. If you are in the market for a new car and overlook evs you may be making a big mistake so do the math for yourself and pay less attention to internet loudmouths.
Talking about evs i always get flashbacks to my solar experience. I put it off for years listening to knowitall idiots and internet propagandists… then one day i decided to go for it and get some quotes…i could not believe how much cheaper and how much shorter the payoff was. Learn from other people mistakes and do the math for yourselves.


It’s a lease, never put money down, first payment max. I haven’t found any third row EV’s yet either.


Because you didn’t look…Tesla X has a 3rd row.


Oh yeah the ugly terd, very reasonable at $82k!