35k Model 3 is finally here!



I thought the S offered a 3rd row? Or did they do away with that?


They only buy them in cali for the car pool access!


You finally figured it out!
Seriously, if you are not interested why be here in the first place?


It’s not a conventional 3rd row. It’s backwards and in the trunk of the car…but yes, kids can use them.


The pricing of the model 3 is still a gimmick…

Figure this

Gimmick #1

Any other choice of car color besides black is between a $1500-$2000 up charge … This is ludacris, charging for every other color, but black.

Gimmick #2

In order to have the Full Self-Driving Capability for $5000 you have to add in the Auto pilot for $3000. So an $8000 dollar option that makes the $35,000 model 3 now a $43,000

Gimmick #3

“Estimated gas savings” now people will debate me on this…

They actually put that in “price after savings” category. That isn’t saving anything, they didn’t even include the price of what it cost to charge the car. Which we all know electricity prices are NOT going down but actually going higher in the years ahead.

I laugh at that.

Gimmick #4

Tax incentives. Well those will be disappearing soon! They are slowly fading them out. That was one of the biggest selling points to Tesla, a nice free handout…


You may want to check that crystal ball…maybe it’s cracked. Green energy is changing things…ask texans about wind.

My own money that i get to keep more of through a tax credit is a handout? I for one i’m happy you get less of my money.


They absolutely do! If done right the ROI should be less than half of the life of the system. In my case, adding the evs into the mix the payoff time was 3.5 years.
The eGolf lease was $4200 and i switched from a 17.2 mpg pos so the savings are real.


No. Not free. Ever. You have a 2-way meter, yes? If you do, like I do, anything I use is not going back into the grid and therefore costing me money.

And comparing your eGolf to a noncomparable vehicle is ridiculous. You could ride a bike and trump your eGolf. Is that a proper comparison?


Are they being shoved down people’s throats as must haves? I obviously don’t know everyone in CA, but I grew up here and still live here, and everyone I know (car enthusiast or not) couldn’t care less about talking/proselytizing about EVs (incl the ones who drive one).

Uh, genuine question, but what can your EV do that a gas car can’t? It’s not like your car flies or something.


LOL…i was just trying to match the ridiculousness of some of the posts but if i had to choose a few i would say charge while i sleep, have a linear and smooth acceleration and not drinking any oil.

Oh…NO! We have NEM in Ca so what i don’t use i send into the grid and get it from the grid when i need it…hence not costing me a dime. If you are not talking about this then i have no idea what are you referring to.
As for the eGolf…i told you why the math in my case worked…you don’t have to like it.


Let’s not forget the $1250 destination charge and the hideous wheels. A Bolt is a far greater value that leases for less than half that of the M3.


$35k Model 3 is nothing to get excited about with no lease support. No discount off MSRP, cloth interior, black being the only “free color”, and destination of $1200 hardly make this a deal and the EV for all.

I am giving the win in this thread to @Mark.ca


Yes, that sounds like what I am talking about. The grid is the bank and you make deposits and withdrawals. A deposit is positive money and a withdrawal negative. Spending money is spending money, period. If you didn’t use that electricity in your car, you’d have more positive in your account. You can convince yourself it is free, but it ain’t. The only way it would be free is if you produce more electricity than you use and your meter was not a 2-way meter. I know people who produce more than they need and they get a check from the power company. If they charged an EV, no more check and therefore it costs money.

Actually, you haven’t, and I’m genuinely curious because maybe I’m missing something that would somehow get me a free or very cheap car. I had a Leaf once upon a time and, while it was a cheap car with all costs considered, it wasn’t much cheaper than a Versa would have been.


OMG …my head is spinning! How can you not get a simple financial concept as ROI?
And as for you remark above all i can say is that I cannot believe someone on pv knows this little about how it works. When you sell back you only get generation $ and not transmission so about half the kWh value. I got my second ev for this very reason alone. Last billing year i got $120 from Edison for about 2500kWh i sold to them and not used in that year. Using that in my eGolf would have saved me over $1000/year compared to a regular Golf (entire comute is city) in SoCal.


So you’re saying you use all solar power at home, and sell the remaining power you don’t use, never tapping into the grid? Being on the east coast in an area that gets less sunlight than Seattle, I don’t understand how it could be “free” outside of my thesis. Technically, you also had a large outlay to purchase the panels, so it’s not “free” just yet until they are paid off over time with the electric savings.


One more time…ROI…if you give me 10k for 5 years, at the 5 year mark i give your money back but each month after i pay your electricity…if you want to play semantics and say it’s not really free because the initial investment then go ahead. After the payoff your principal is not tied up anymore.
And no, I’m still on the grid. What they do here is 20 year contracts that allow you to sell them electricity but get it back if you need it. They don’t do the billing monthly anymore but rather a mix of monthly with yearly. I pay a connection fee during the year and then at the end of billing year they draw the line and do the math. If i produced more than what i consumed then they pay me…which is something i want to avoid for the reason stated above.


SDGE and just changed peak usage to 10-2 which happens to be peak solar.

pretty much forcing you to get a battery


Congrats to SD on being second to only Hawaii on the black list of ridiculous high prices. At least that super off peak it’s only for 2 months Mar and Apr and not the entire year. Ca needs to break these utility monopolies fast.


I need to price a battery this week. I had signed up with Tesla but in true tesla fashion they have a back order because they sell 99% of the batteries to solar companies.


Let me know what you get quoted…don’t need one but curious how much they charge for all.